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Thread: Honda/Acura owners chime in

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2012-02-09 15:15:17
Honda/Acura owners chime in
Post what Honda/Acura you own, how long you have owned it, any problems minor and major and maybe some pics.

I have owned my 05 Acura MDX (Base model) for almost 4 years now. Bought it with 52k miles on it. Still had the original Goodyear Integrity tires on them with a little less than half life left on them. Overall in really really good condition one owner previously.

As far as quality goes, the suv has been absolutely amazing. Plenty of pickup with the 3.5L V6, rated one of the best handling Suv's out there with its nice AWD system that does great on any terrain and weather. Personally driven it in Ice/Snow/Dirt/Sand and not a problem. In snow and sub 0 temps while everyone was doing 30-40mph on the highway I was doing 75-80 with no issues braking or handling. Car gets alright gas mileage with about 18-20 intown and have seen 25mpg highway.

Interior is very very roomy seating 7 with its 3rd row seats. Interior quality is very very good, stylish, and user friendly. Only downfall Ive seen is the crappy vent levers that fall apart, first one came apart back in about 2010 and it was one after another and now all front vents are missing the levers to adjust flow direction. Luckily they are set up where I want them. New vents are about 60 for the two sides and 150 for the center two that come as one unit with the entire trim. Also since owning ive had two window regulator cables snap, both rears at different times. $165 a piece brand new OEM Honda/Acura regulator w/motor.

The MDX has a very very nice ride, even now at 140k miles on it, it still rides like new. Pretty much 0 road noise, quiet, no noises. Suspension is still original and in great shape (no blown shocks). Handling is great and overall its been a great SUV. One of the longest newer cars ive owned.

As for services and repairs Ive had to do to it:

o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2 at 55k miles $70 new OEM Honda
Trans drain and refill, Center diff drain and refill, rear diff drain and refill $75 in fluids
Replaced front brake pads at 75k miles $45
Replaced 2 of the original tires at 82k miles $310
L/R window regulator 110k miles $165 new OEM Honda
Replaced front brake pads and rotors and rear brake pads at 120k miles $175
Replaced original battery at 120k miles $120
R/R window regulator 125k miles $165 new OEM Honda
Replaced the other two original tires at 127k miles $340
Replaced original drive belt at 140k miles $35

Other than that, I havent had to do any work to it. Got a lot of services coming up on it when I get back which include:

Timing belt, water pump, cam seals, crank seal, idler and tensioner pulleys and auto tensioner

Perform valve lash adjustment

Drain and refill coolant

Flush power steering system and replace inlet hose o-ring on the pump.

Drain and refill transmission

Overall if your looking for a great SUV thats comfortable, stylish, and relatively problem free I would highly recommend the MDX. I also recommend getting the 04+ models as previous models had transmission issues which were fixed in I believe in 04. It has never left me stranded and never had any major problems.

Pics of mine

2012-02-09 15:27:07
i'm too much of a Toyota/Nissan/GM fan boy to even own any Honda.
2012-02-09 15:30:45
GM...........YUCK!!!!! I wouldnt even own a corvette let alone any other GM While the power is nice on the vette and Cadillac CTS-V, the car just looks like crap inside and out, feels cheap as hell, interior falling apart after a couple years. Coating on the dash, trim, steering wheel peeling off especially in any type of hotter climates. I worked at a Toyota/Mazda/Cadillac dealer and I cant tell you how many Escalades and Devilles/Sevilles/CTS/STS/DTS's came in because the stupid shitty coating that GM puts on their interior was peeling apart and had angry angry customers come in complaining. Cars for the most part were 2-3 years old.
2012-02-09 15:32:50
^^ that don't bother me, My Yukon has the same issue but I never really care about cosmetic stuff. I dd a TT C6 vette for a little bit and truly miss it.

my cousin and nephew has a Honda, will post up pics. they are pretty stock but what do you expect from a DD?
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2012-02-09 15:33:17
I have a 07 Accord Ka24 Ivtec very nice driving car i enjoy it
2012-02-09 18:25:40
My first car was a 96 honda civic ex which I had for a little under a year. It had a bad cat and bad rear shocks(led to me totaling it). I had to replace the normal stuff like axles once, clutch, and all the regular maintenance stuff... Got it with 115k miles and crashed it with 145ish...

Then I crashed it into a fire hydrant (low tread on rear tires, slick parking lot pavement and bad rear shocks)

Now I own a 86 crx si, bought it with 245k and now it has 246k lol I've had it for 2 weeks and other than being slower than heck it runs pretty good. Haven't replaced anything yet.
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2012-02-09 19:28:03
First had this: (1996 DX HB)


Then had The Bumble Bee Ricer:

Then had this:

Didn't have the 96 for that long, but the 94 and the 88 were both very reliable and fun cars. Did my first autocross in the 94. My sisters both drove Hondas (89 Civic sedan and 86 Accord coupe) and both of those were good cars too. My dad drives a 90 Accord that was my great aunt's and its also been a great car. Sold the wagon in 2005 to buy a 240sx but ended up buying my old hardtop NX2000.
2012-02-09 19:36:07

this pic is from 5 years ago or so. i think i got it with 90k or some shit. was mint inside and out. i got two spots of surface rust taken care of. such a nice simple car. great gas mileage. i put a system in it and thats about it.

it was a dual point injection, slow as balls. i had wanted to manual swap it and put in a motor, never got around to it. sold it to get my all motor electric blue nx.

ill own another civic one day.

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2012-02-09 20:18:58
I have an '08 TSX that I've owned for over a year and three months and I absolutely love it!

I posted pics not too long ago in the Member's Ride Section.

I post another photo I took yesterday.

Here's my ride.

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2012-02-09 21:32:40
looks hella clean... Did you just wash / buff it or something!?!?
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