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Thread: The 8.2L Porsche (for sale).

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2010-06-23 22:40:11
The 8.2L Porsche (for sale).
Pay close attention to the luggage.

8.2 Litre V-8 Porsche 911 Targa
2010-06-23 22:48:21
holy crap LOL
2010-06-23 22:51:01
Originally Posted by dmp316
holy crap LOL

I'll take that as a "GLWS".
2010-06-23 23:42:14
Just needs to trim that upper shelf a bit more to fit a nice fat nitrous plate on there. I wonder what traction is like with that thing. Real tires might start breaking stuff though. Awesome project
2010-06-23 23:43:58
Beautiful car ... Rather haven it stick tho
2010-06-23 23:49:01
lol! ****ing crazy ass Germans hahaha
2010-06-24 00:23:24
Originally Posted by gomba
lol! ****ing crazy ass Germans hahaha

That's an American who swapped that in there.
2010-06-24 02:18:01
Originally Posted by Matt
That's an American who swapped that in there.

lol, I thought it was some sort of rare Porsche. Wouldn't put it past the Germans
2010-06-24 02:29:31
sillyz americanz doesn't knowz porsches from dildoz, germanz would nevaz degrades themselvez backz intos the stonez agez with antiquatedez pushrods technologiez

I know the dude on dethklock isn't german......
2010-06-26 16:12:19
holy sh*t monkey! 8.2 Liter Olds motor!!!! I would love to hear that thing rumble...GLWS. whats it sellin for out of curiousity
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