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Thread: subaru owners?

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2014-04-06 23:41:08
so does the spool come on as early as they say? i like the new car, everyone else seems to hate. although i did hear the 6spd is the same as the old 5spd with just one more gear, you know if thats true?
2014-04-07 00:01:40
the ratios aren't the same and its cable actuated instead of rod. it might be the 2010-2012 LGT 6 speed, not really sure. Subaru seems to think its stronger but idk. It sure shifts better though. the spool is quite fast, yes
2014-04-07 20:00:55
I like the new WRX more then the older ones, though the one you have Rob is starting to grow on me.
2014-04-12 15:33:39
Downpipe for the FXT came the other day.

2014-04-13 01:31:20
new e85 #s coming on friday..
2014-04-19 00:29:21
360/386 for those who wanted to know
2014-04-19 00:49:53
Way to go Rob. What's your mpg at with those kind of #s? You got a dyno graph handy?
2014-04-19 01:07:53
Just realized mine isn't posted up in this thread. Also my wife is having some second thoughts on the SportCombi (which I really like actually) so another FXT or an OXT may be the next addition.

2014-04-19 03:03:53
Originally Posted by Benito
Way to go Rob. What's your mpg at with those kind of #s? You got a dyno graph handy?

mpg? lol i was getting about 150 to a tank last year on this stuff. i am very happy with the car, car makes 340WHP at redline, pretty damn impressive for a stock turbo!
Last edited by Rob on 2014-04-19 at 15-11-57.
2014-04-21 03:31:13
Took the wife & car for a scenic drive (at least as scenic 64 east gets...)

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