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Thread: subaru owners?

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2010-04-01 23:55:40
Originally Posted by grinch77
'04 Wagon here hopefully for only about a month longer moving up to a '04 STI.

Whoa, nice wheels (and wagon :bigthumbup. What kind are they? I have a silver 05 LGT and have been once again entertaining the idea of wheels.
2010-04-02 15:34:53
Originally Posted by La_Noche
Whoa, nice wheels (and wagon :bigthumbup. What kind are they? I have a silver 05 LGT and have been once again entertaining the idea of wheels.

Look like MB Weapons ....
2010-04-03 02:12:34
yep MB weapons in a 17X8.I've sold those and got some Rota GR-A's in gold now.
2010-04-03 03:54:38
Originally Posted by BenFenner
That's one of the very few things that makes me wary about buying a bug-eyed WRX. I just imagine having to remove the engine to change the spark plugs, or other crazy things. What exactly is easier about working on them? What is not so easy? Compared to say a FWD SR20 powered car.

huh?! you dont need to remove the engine to change plugs! if you really find it to hard to do by simply pulling the air box and battery out this is what you do.

remove the 2 14mm's for the engine mounts. remove 14mm bolt from pitch stop mount on top of engine. put a jack stand with small block of wood under the trans. lower car on jack stand. this will hike the engine up a good 5 inches. i just did this today to change valve cover gaskets.
2010-04-03 04:23:22
Everyone gets the subie cars, personally if I were to get a subie. It would be an 07 Forester XT dropped on WRX springs and the plethora of bolt on solutions available.
2012-02-29 00:13:29
The effing Suby bug got to me some how..

Just picked up a 97 Legacy 2.5GT yesterday. Gonna be the GF's daily but I love the car.
The car is very fun to drive and I already did some offroading haha. We have been cleaning
her up real good and I'll post some pics once we are done getting her painted and what not.

Eh.. maybe I'll post an ugly pic before the beauty emerges.
2012-03-01 02:12:28
Hells Yeah!
2012-03-01 02:23:30
2005 LGT stage 2

2012-03-01 03:31:36
The BBS's look good Chad!
2012-03-01 06:04:48
Originally Posted by budsang1
Hells Yeah!

That looks awesome, the white makes it look so clean!
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