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Thread: subaru owners?

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2010-03-07 02:37:56
subaru owners?
i have just recently noticed QUITE a few people with subarus along side their nissans in their sigs. i wanted something newer that was more reliable than my past b13's and my scooby fits the bill flawlessly. it also doesnt hurt that i work at a nissan/subaru shop and i have found subarus to be an absolute joy to work on.....new nissans? not so much.

post up what you got!

now with STi muffler, yellow fogs, removed snorkus, and access port stage1.
2010-03-07 04:06:43
You mean one of these ......one of the most versitile daily drivers I have ever owned

2010-03-07 04:30:17
Love the wagons, im one of the weird ones who love the exhaust note too
2010-03-07 04:31:59
Oh I love the exhaust ....
2010-03-07 05:13:33
I love subies with a passion. I was lucky enough to convince my brother to buy a wrx which he loves to death.

This car is perfect in all months of the year. This last Christmas I was up home driving at 3am in a complete blizzard with over 6inches of snow covering the unplowed roads and snow still coming down like you wouldn't believe, and that was a hell of a good time.

Currently stock with a k&n filter, sti intercooler and charge pipe, and just some nice tires and rims. Perfect car for my brother who is planning to just cobb stage 3 with 3inch all the way to the turbo.

2010-03-07 05:57:09
can ya take him??? i've takin a WRX.. wasnt an sti tho
2010-03-07 08:54:04
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
can ya take him??? i've takin a WRX.. wasnt an sti tho

You bet I can

I have driven a stage 3 wrx and I have to say very fast, but I would estimate on par with my current setup on the ve.

However an sti stage 2 (300whp) my buddy has holy nelly that things goes....maybe we will line em up at the strip someday soon here when the weather gets better for sh*ts and giggles.

2010-03-07 11:12:48
A VF39 and STi pink inj. with a STi top mount makes some vary good #s for what it is on a wrx when tunned with a access port
2010-03-07 17:35:05
'04 Wagon here hopefully for only about a month longer moving up to a '04 STI.

2010-03-07 17:41:28
i <3 wagons.

future plans http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3170/3094265747_915968d205_o.jpg
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