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Thread: subaru owners?

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2010-03-10 03:45:41
Originally Posted by BenFenner
That's one of the very few things that makes me wary about buying a bug-eyed WRX. I just imagine having to remove the engine to change the spark plugs, or other crazy things. What exactly is easier about working on them? What is not so easy? Compared to say a FWD SR20 powered car.

Once you figure out the little tricks they are a cake walk.I just replaced my valve cover gaskets it was a thirty minute job per side.The only draw back was the gasket set was $120.00 before my 25% discount.
2010-03-10 04:34:13
$120 holy crap!
2010-03-10 04:42:51
Originally Posted by magoo_lc1
Love the wagons, im one of the weird ones who love the exhaust note too

who doesnt love the exhaust note

best 4 banger sound out there
2010-03-10 18:06:04
Originally Posted by LikeTheMovies
$120 holy crap!

$11.00 for the gasket X2
$2.95 a piece for the bolt hole seals X16
$5.00 a piece for the sprak plug hole gasket X4
2010-03-12 03:29:45

guilty! i just bought this maybe 3 weeks ago(MY06) . along side the NX which now sits in my garage getting ready to be stripped and sanded .bgreen says im a traitor :'(
2010-03-31 17:42:55
what are your opinions on me posting a forsale thread for the shell of my car on the nissan forums?
2010-03-31 17:48:32
I don't see why not.
2010-04-01 22:18:11
I love my Forester ... Not as quick as some but handles awesome, and here in Oregon its an absolute blast in the rain, best handling car I have ever driven in the rain !! ... and I can load it down with whatever .... Nissan does not build a nice wagon for us, so ...

They do have headgasket issues, but they are super easy to work on ... I have pulling the AWD transmission out to a half hour !!

My Build pics. and mods listed on my site ( in Sig. )

2010-04-01 23:01:14
This is my dads 1995 Subaru Legacy LSI (very rare) in process of moving it to Las Vegas or selling it in WI. So far moving it

Clicking, tapping, or knocking noise eminating from the engine after a cold start scares a lot of people away who dont know Subaru's
Subaru Noises
2010-04-01 23:33:57
I have a 97 Legacy, an 04 STI and a 97 SE-R currently. I also had an 84 Subaru 4x4 GL at one point and an 04 WRX wagon. I love the Subies!
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