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Thread: Cars spotted, garage pics, driveway pics, misc pics of random car work.

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2014-01-03 02:46:22
Nissan's in eating up most of the driveways, Scoobies are actually in use thus not standing pretty.

2014-01-12 16:30:03
There are actually two Aston Martin DB7 GTs that hang around town (the other one is green).

Saw this clean 240Z with Rewinds at the local grocery store.

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2014-02-23 03:11:00
Finally a warm Saturday to work on the cars, started all of them up, had to jumpstart two of them. Figured I would do a group picture before I break apart the family by getting rid of two of them.

2014-03-07 15:53:10
I took these back when they were first coming out. I noticed most pics I saw of them did not do them justice after seeing them in person so I tried my best to capture their true look. Not sure if I succeeded.
I really dig the white one I see around.

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2014-03-07 17:08:55
Younger sister's E46 gets new tires.

2014-03-09 06:24:36

Finished waxing her and polishing the chrome. Lot of work, just few things to tidy up in engine bay, and finish interior and im done, will do that when setting up for the show.

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2014-03-17 13:44:54
Took a trip to visit my good old buddy Dan who moved out to Arkansas with his wife. He got a job at the same place his friend Adam did after graduating. Adam liked Dan's S2000 (AP1) so much he picked up an AP2 of his own.
Dan's is the Suzuka blue one. He supercharged it and it makes ~350 WHP with the 18 psi pulley. With no turbo in the way and the exhaust he has on it now, and all that power, on the high cams it sounds ricey as hell.
Adam went turbo, and makes ~620 WHP running E85. Adam gave me a short ride in the car and it's quick.

I also took a few pics of Dan's BRZ. The engine bay really surprised me with how accessible and open everything was for a modern car. Kaite and Dan's wife took it around a bit so Dan's wife could learn how to drive a manual with less testosterone in the air. I also got some miles in it, and I liked it a lot. There really was nothing to complain about, which is rare for me. Other than the power of course, it is soul crushingly slow, but that's one of the easiest things to fix on a car IMO. Good times had by all.

(That's Adam's wife's turbo Beetle. No single car is not boosted in this picture.)

And here are the BRZ engine bay pics.

This is the top of the transmission bellhousing. Such easy access to all sorts of things that are normally tight on other modern cars. Look how easy it is to bleed that slave cylinder!

Not my pic, but here's the BRZ for reference.
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2014-03-19 23:04:59
@happynole and Gloria came to visit!

2014-04-02 23:33:24
I'd seen this e30 around for years and previously caught pictures of it on the road. It's a bit of a pile, but whatever. It changed hands a couple times, and eventually ended up getting a high-comp S52 swap expecting well over 300 WHP. The newest owner had it at Midlands Motorworks to use the facilities and get the final details of the swap sorted out. I even helped out a little bit. A few days after these pictures the owner had it buttoned up and ready to rock. Less than 10 miles later he hotdog'd when he should have lasagna'd and wrapped it head-first around a telephone pole (or similar). BMW drivers, amirite?

Sorry no pics of the carnage today. Maybe later.

In a related story, Midlands Motorworks took ownership of the wreck. The chassis is a write-off, but the engine will get repaired and find its way into a more passable e30.

C'est la vie.

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2014-04-03 02:25:13
Originally Posted by BenFenner
.......Less than 10 miles later he hotdog'd when he should have lasagna'd and wrapped it head-first around a telephone pole (or similar). BMW drivers, amirite?

As much of a dick move this is, I have to
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