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Thread: Cars spotted, garage pics, driveway pics, misc pics of random car work.

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2010-04-23 17:11:05
Facebook album permalink (in case the images don't show up in the future).

More random pics from the e28 BMW. I think this is an 8-puck kevlar disc that didn't end up being used because the oversize flywheel/clutch/PP didn't work out.

And here's the old setup. Looks similar to a B15 disc if you ask me.
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2010-04-23 18:22:18
I love those splines in the clutch, pretty beefy
2010-04-23 18:25:26
Yah it is much more important on a BMW to use the clutch alignment tool and really make sure it is aligned properly, otherwise the input shaft will give you fits trying to get it in there.
The splines are quite beefy you're right.
2010-04-23 23:21:12
The larger flywheel DID work out... that clutch is sized for the M5
2010-04-24 01:11:38
Oh it just needed the factory e28 ring gear and starter? I forget...
2010-04-24 01:59:24
2010-04-27 20:39:24
Facebook album permalink (in case the images don't show up in the future).

I caught Dan working on the S2k.

On a hunch I checked his rear tires. They were the ones that came with the car (he has since replaced them with Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec tires) when he bought it used from the Honda dealership. As you'll see they were in rough shape. The worst I'd ever seen actually. They were probably really old and dry-rotted and apparently were never really treated well or driven hard until Dan got a hold of the car.

Needless to say Dan had new tires on order the same day.
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2010-04-27 21:34:31
garage is a little small for me

gutted interior

work in progress

my daily motavation

crappy day anyone wanna buy a truck lol
2010-04-28 00:28:52
I dont really have anything in my garage no room but this is my area at work where i work on Hyundais

2010-05-03 18:33:43
Facebook album permalink (in case the images don't show up in the future).

My brother was hearing some noise from the front of the car while braking and gave me a call about it.

My brother is not a car guy.

Anyway, it was pretty obvious what had happened. His front pads wore out and he needed new ones, along with rotors as well.

We got some cheap Brembo "blanks" from Import Replacement Parts. (The cheapest reputable place for rotors that I've found.)

After the rotors came we went to the local auto parts store and got a set of front brake pads. That didn't go so well. Read on if you'd like:

I took some tools to his apartment parking area and got to it.

He'd been driving around with metal-on-metal for a while now. This shows the old rotor and how negligent he'd been. He's lucky none of the metal pad backing pieces fell out of the caliper allowing the piston to fully dislodge.

Just kidding. One of the metal pad backs did fall out (which prompted his phone call to me). You can see where the caliper arms had been resting against the rotor. He's lucky to be alive.

While going to install the pads I found out the parts store gave us the wrong ones (read about it in the link above). So I put the car back together, went and exchanged the pads and came back a couple days later to finish the job.

New rotors and pads.

His car thanked me when I was finished.

Edit from 2013: @klassickrican this is your chassis.
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