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Thread: Cars spotted, garage pics, driveway pics, misc pics of random car work.

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2013-05-26 16:03:53

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2013-05-29 01:16:15
Wash your car.
2013-06-02 17:30:34
Originally Posted by bhowle
Wash your car.

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2013-11-05 20:48:33
Random stuff.

2013-12-20 16:37:01
Facebook album permalink.

I know this is SR20 content, but it's not my car, so I'm putting it here where I put stuff like this.

Basically a year ago I rode out 100 miles to Greenville to help @klassickrican get his VE+T powered B13 started and rough tuned on a Series-2 AEM. We had MAP connection issues to overcome, and a couple other tiny things, but a lot of progress was made and by the end of the day the car was starting, idling, and driving quite well. Certainly well enough to take it to the dyno for further work. I'm not sure if that dyno visit ever took place, or if plans changed. :dunno

Enjoy the pics Dominic.

Waiting for Dominic to get home. I had a fun chat with the neighbor.

B15 SE-R chillin'.

It started snowing while I was there. This is Dom's daily driver B13 with a VE. This is actually the same B13 chassis my brother owned and drove for a while until we sold it to Dominic with an overheated DE.

The VE+T monster. That's @Cliff's old exhaust manifold.

Tons of time spent on that laptop. (Dom knows his roll cage is too low, he's not leaving it like that.)
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2013-12-31 17:28:08
Facebook album permalink.

This shows work on the headlight brackets of a Kawasaki KLR. These were created on a friend's old bike (before it was stolen) and installed on
the his new KLR Tengai. They were off the bike for painting when it was stolen. My friend wanted more light, and for them to swivel with the forks (stock is one bulb and stationary).

2013-12-31 18:46:32
Somehow all three of my cars came due for an oil change at the same time. My daughter heard me commiserating about it and asked that I show her how it's done. Really? Okay, moms car first...

When we started I showed her "where the oil goes in" and asked if she could figure out where "it comes out". First she pointed to the radiator cap and I reminded her that there was a reason we put it up on ramps. "Ohhhh", she said then looked underneath and pointed to the radiator petcock.


Although she scored major points by pointing out the coolant reservoir was low.
2013-12-31 19:23:39
All three of ours are coming due for oil as well. =/
2014-01-01 00:36:11
All 5 of mine are due for an oil change too
2014-01-01 05:42:04

Feel like i have to many datsuns anymore lol.

I had a guy come knock on my door the other day, i held my gun up, he was talking about how he can tell i like nissans and he coudl get a nissan like mine on the street (poining at the g20) imported from japan for me. I was like...umm.......ok!
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