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Thread: Is anything salvagable?

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2009-09-02 15:12:48
Is anything salvagable?
Woman drove car into sleu. Water damage wrote off the car.
Is anything salvagable? I think axles are waterproof, are hub/bearings, engine, etc?

*edit* worth noting: not my woman, not my car, not my sleu
2009-09-02 16:52:57
Anything made of aluminum is probably going to fine along with other major steel parts since they won't have had time to corrode too much I thinks. You might be in for some rebuildage on them, but if it's free then who cares? I'd think the transmission would be ok if you changed the oil since it probably did a pretty good job protecting the gears. Clutch, all that is probably fine. I think a lot of the mechanical parts should be good or require just a little touching up.
2009-09-02 17:07:07
so If I pressed a new bearing in and out of a hub for example, it should be fine?
2009-09-02 19:24:14
Yea, I think that would be fine just clean it up with some light sanding maybe if there is corrosion?
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