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Thread: Motor mount question

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2016-07-03 03:31:25
Motor mount question
Been awhile since I've been on. Sold my '91 SE-R to a fellow member a couple of years ago. But, my oldest son and I are getting ready to buy a '99 G20 for his first car. After test driving and examining the car, it seems like a decent deal... G20T. But, I'm pretty sure the motor mounts are shot. Engine rocks back and forth under load, and it's sometimes difficult to get the car in gear...at least quickly. Years ago, I put placing racing mounts in the '91. They don't seem to make them for the P11. I've tried doing some internet searches and at g20.net, but am having difficulty finding a definitive answer... everyone just seems to replace them with a set of new stock mounts. Don't want that.

Any suggestions or experience would be greatly appreciated... by both me and my son. Thanks.
2016-07-03 21:00:54
3M Windo-Weld, 08609. Remove the old mounts, fill in with that as much as you can, let cure, bolt back in. Best to do in layers to prevent air pockets, depending on how much time you want to take on this. Fill in as much as you can for more solid mounts, or just fill in to replace what was there originally for more factory feel.

One tube is enough to do all four mounts.
2016-07-04 15:07:23
Thank you. Have to get the car in the garage, then do the mounts in stages.
2016-07-04 15:32:11
I would recommend brand new Infiniti mounts all around if you don't plan on hot rodding it. Stay away from the cheap ebay brands or cheap parts store brands as they crap and will fail in a matter of months.
If you plan on hot rodding it then you can get Prothane or Energy Suspension inserts, but may cause vibrations like the old Place Racing mounts.
2016-07-04 15:47:22
I had cheapo rockauto ones go bad in 3 weeks (not even kidding)
2016-07-04 16:44:00
I've found the most important mount of all is the rear trans mount in these cars. FYI..
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2016-10-17 22:53:51
Prothane inserts on the crossmember mounts, OEM for trans and passenger. That's what I have on my daily. Tightens up the engine without being overkill.

aka hawaiiaNX
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