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Thread: G20 thread bitchez.

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2013-10-13 19:54:21
G20 thread bitchez.
So I daily drive a 02 Celica GTS. Its got 204k on it and I'm just getting sick of it. It's been an awesome car and I've had no hassles with it at all. I've been thinking about picking up a P10 or P11. I'm looking for your input.
Keep in mind I drive about 106 miles round trip for work, 4-5 days a week. Do you guys think a P10/P11 would be a good daily for that? I have a family of 5 I'd like to occasionally have in the car keep that in mind too.
- I know P10's have awesome suspension setups.
- P10's are cheaper.
- P11's are newer.
- 00-01 P11's have the best transmission.

I was thinking of going with the P10 just because you can find decent ones for dirt cheap, and the possibly swapping in a VE later on, with a better trans like a B15.
The only P10 I worked on had a battery drain and had a lot of wiring issues, so that is kind of pushing me towards a P11.
Here in the mid-west P11's still hold pretty high value for how old they are, its harder to find decent ones that aren't way high priced.

Give me your experience and input G20 gurus. What would you do?
2013-10-13 20:20:35
I drive 124 miles round trip to work each day in my P10, and it's great. It's down at the moment for a VE swap, so I'm driving my S14, but it will reclaim it's daily status as soon as it's back on the road. P11's look nicer/newer for sure, but I'm partial to the mid-90s looks of cars, so that's why I went P10 (and cost as you mentioned).
2013-10-13 20:54:40
If you're looking to keep it stock them go P11 otherwise get the P10
2013-10-15 07:04:36
I daily drive a 00 P11 & I put as many as 300 a day.

Originally Posted by Dave_SR20
If you're looking to keep it stock them go P11 otherwise get the P10

^^ +1
2013-10-27 14:46:39
Why not mod a P11 though?
2013-10-27 15:27:14
I thought one kid in the back of the P10 was barely tolerable. I prefer P10s but only Touring model.

I've looked really hard at Honda Fit, and the Mazda 5 minivan for the family but my wife just loved the Forester. MPG is not great though.
2013-10-27 15:58:24
My wife drives a Mazda 5 already so we are always in her car. The Celica only seats 4. I kinda wanted a G20 so that if I had to I could at least drive the family somewhere sort of a deal.
2013-10-27 18:27:19
P10s and P11s are awesome. If you're looking for a P10, I'd say stick with a '94-'96, preferably Touring. If P11, unless it's a great deal, I would stick with a '99 Touring. '00+ have a bit more common issues than the '99s. I would say your choice should be dependent on how good of condition you can find. Our suspensions have a lot of bushings that tend to wear and therefore cause some drivalbility issues. Upper links, lower control arms, etc. These are common for cars in general, especially since most likely anything you're gonna find will be in the 160K+ mileage range. If you anticipate modding it in the future, depending on how far you want to take it should influence your decision. '91-'93.5 P10's are OBD1, '94-'96 are OBD2, like B14, '99 P11s are OBD2, more like the '98+ B14's and the '00+ P11's are much like B15 as they are 32 bit OBD2 ECU's. If you want something with the most features, '00+ P11 will be the best option. Auto shutoff headlights, trunk pop, horn honk when arming alarm, etc. It's the little things that count.

Best thing about owning a P chassis is being a part of the great community over on G20.net!
2013-10-27 18:32:31
Also...common issues with the P chassis are similar to B chassis...Nissan in general. MAF, Axles, Power steering leaks, etc. Anything you get in good condition will serve you well. If you're mechanically inclined, it will be an easy car to work on. If not, it'll be a great car to learn on. Most people that buy them are just in the market for a cheap car, then discover their great comfort and performance. At the same time, they're a bit slow, but that just teaches you how to drive faster =P
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2013-10-28 02:57:36
Thanks bro thats the post I was looking for. I am mechanically inclined. I also already have a 240sx with a det in it so the P chassis will always be a commuter as I dont plan on getting rid of my 240 ever. I'll be looking for one soon probably in spring since the holidays and whatnot are coming up.
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