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Thread: 00-02 P11 G20 Autos too slow?

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2012-10-25 01:22:52
Originally Posted by BurnetRhoades
Wow. Let's see...4x4 setup would be even heavier. I guess, maybe, they made further modifications and tuning to account for weight, like Mitsubishi and Subaru and Audi and...you get my point.

Really, that P11 wasn't the same as the daily driver P11? So you're saying your winning P10 is the same as a daily driver P10? Or, WTF apples to oranges point are you trying to make? Your comment is interesting, hand claps for you, but that has nothing to do with the facts I stated.

Driving teams likely had more that anything to do with their success. Their dramatic increase in success from previous years running P10s, which I'm not saying is a bad or even worse platform.

What I'm saying is the shit talking against P11s, particularly as it relates to people interested in making mods to it, making improvements to it from stock and/or against it as a viable platform are garbage and based on convenient, vacuum-sealed assumptions.

I suggest you look up Nissan history and how they like to send crap to USA. JDM P11's are much lighter, and we know for fact that at least some don't have rear beams.

All USDM P11's came with a rear beam, it has horribly high roll center, it also has 1/8 to 1/4" toe in forcing the car to dog leg through any turns.

If you convert your P11 to be IRS, and loose 300-400lbs then USDM P11 will handle just as well as a P10. Now you can make the beam work too, you need to at the very least bend the beam to 0 toe, then do a panhard conversion.

Also if your think I'm biased towards the P10, look the cars I own/owned in my signature.
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2012-10-25 01:52:23
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
Originally Posted by Chris101

Of course the discussion from the OP was about the auto p11 and questioning how slow it is compared to a p10 auto but it has since gone in different directions.

Basic fact is the BTCC p11 had independent rear suspension like the p10 and unlike our daily driver p11 in the USA.

Another basic fact is weight and the p11 is heavier than the p10.

Making the 'same' changes to make a race car is a moot point because the rear beam changes the rear suspension dynamics of course and then the weight is the weight (there is only so much weight loss possible on either p10 or p11 obviously)

^I never compared anything to the P10 auto. I've never owned one. My point was how unsafe the P11 made me feel when I floored the car on the interestate to get out of the way and the car barely moved. Post #50 in this thread explains in full detail my intentions for this car.

EDIT: P.S. The car received a full tuneup right after I purchased it and all fluids flushed.

^Post #1 also explains that I have two 5speed B13 projects and converting this car to a manual is out of the question. If I would have wanted a P11 manual, I would have purchased one. I have 3 vehicles right now and this was suppose to be something nice that I can travel in and get a break from shifting gears. After all, it does have a SR20 engine in it, I just was not aware of how much the auto trans, 1st and 2nd gear of the auto trans, and the pre cat would rob. Again, maybe a SSAC header would help a little bit to get it moving.

Originally Posted by danfiveten
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
I'm not interested in doing all the JDM mods and turning this into another money pit. I would just like some 04-06 spec-v wheels, window tint, and amber turn signals at best. I'm just interested in making the peformance little better.

So kind of like mine.

^Kinda yes. 04-06 wheels, Amber turn signals, clear corners, tint, but no rain guards.

I love the rain guards, especially in the pnw, always love how they look, and driving my 510 for 6 years as a daily, im used to having my window down lol, nice to put it partially down and not get soaked.
2012-10-25 15:35:11
Well, I think this thread is finally beat down to dead zone.. lol
2012-10-25 16:17:49
LOL, P11 auto is slow, whether it's 18.2 in the quarter or 25.0 in the quarter. But it's really comfortable.

I do know that, when I punch it, it does go. So, not sure why the OPs car is slacking so much. Try to manually shift or take the O/D off if you need a quick go?
2012-10-25 17:13:44
Originally Posted by Chris101
Well, I think this thread is finally beat down to dead zone.. lol

It's not quite as dead (slow) as auto p11's are though
2012-10-25 17:57:34
Originally Posted by BurnetRhoades
Here's something interesting for the rose colored glasses crowd:

Motor Week observed 0-60 and 1/4 mile times, bone stock:

91 p10 5 speed = 8.2
99 p11 5 speed = 8.5

91 p10 5 speed = 16.5 @86mph
99 p11 5 speed = 16.3 @90 mph

...meaning we can treat this as a religious discussion.

Thats more about Gearing then anything else. put the p11 tranny in the p10 and see what happens
2012-10-25 18:35:07
Originally Posted by Vadim
Originally Posted by Chris101
Well, I think this thread is finally beat down to dead zone.. lol

It's not quite as dead (slow) as auto p11's are though


I just thought of a Monty Python line when reading that....

...not quite dead yet!!!
2012-10-25 19:29:33
2012-10-25 20:50:00
so the breakdown is as follows for power based on my own personal exposure anyway:

p10 auto > 99 p11 auto > 2000-2002 p11 auto > b14 auto > b15 auto

^ given than all of the above is SR20 powered that is

..and yes I put b14 and b15 on the end because to me the p11 is simply superior in comfort and drive feel regardless of the fact that the auto itself may not actually be as slow (personal preference of course)
2012-10-25 21:06:52
P10 F's up errything in its path.
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