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Thread: 00-02 P11 G20 Autos too slow?

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2012-10-17 21:23:57
not in your video's.

oops, some how mixed my numbers, it's 9 seconds.
Last edited by Keo on 2012-10-17 at 21-25-40.
2012-10-17 21:31:08
Originally Posted by Keo
not in your video's.

oops, some how mixed my numbers, it's 9 seconds.

You need to measure with a chronometer not just looking at the video time.
2012-10-17 21:33:15
edit: let stay on topic about auto p11's.
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2012-10-17 21:39:05

almost there......almost.
2012-10-17 21:42:32
Well, the stock DE exhaust header is ridiculously tiny, a new one would be a good upgrade.
2012-10-17 22:16:54
I've also always heard that p11 auto are slow. My 5 speed b15 is night and day differene then the auto b15 I use to have.

But I'm sure an Auto P11 is no where near as slow as an 04 awd 1.8 sohc toyota Matrix. That was the slowest car I ever drove.
2012-10-17 23:05:31
^ slowest car I ever drove was a .8 liter Suzuki Alto rental car that we had to get out and get a running start to get up a hill... haha
2012-10-17 23:18:51
I can vouch for this. I did the swap on my car from auto to manual and auto is indeed snail pace in comparison.
2012-10-18 13:13:04
I'm going to install a SSAC header and see if it helps a little. I need to do some cam comparisons, I'm not sure if the S3R cams would hurt as I won't be doing any reving with this car and low end is my concern. I just want to be able to lane over with confidence and not get rear ended on the interstate.

@Vadim - You said bumping the timing didn't help you any? I'll try it any and hope for the best.

P.S. Why is G20.net so slow over there? Not much help at times for trouble shooting.
Last edited by MR-4Door-SR20DET on 2012-10-18 at 13-14-23.
2012-10-18 13:31:51
^ lots of 'show' car people there now who aren't as mechanically inclined methinks
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