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Thread: 00-02 P11 G20 Autos too slow?

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2012-10-28 10:28:03
For those who might not have seen this post on g20.net, this link with pics helps provide insight into just how different the BTCC p11 is:


lets just say that would have been our track car instead of a p10 had it been readily available here for a reasonable cost
2012-10-28 14:23:21
Any pics of the rear suspension, I really wanna see what they put together
2012-10-28 16:14:47
^ you can probably find it if you spend a long enough time with google search but I'm not aware of where it might be posted to be honest.
2012-11-03 23:20:46
Originally Posted by sixnineG
you can just slap these on and get an instant 10 to 15 hp. i cant believe these have not sold yet. if i did not have a set collecting dust in my room i would have gotten these by now.

by the way, jwt does not have any springs for the RR right now. they keep saying they will make a new batch and nothing.

Originally Posted by gen2teg
I gave my G20 to my brother in law and this is the reason why I am selling the camshafts. I didn't feel that he 'needed' all the modifications I had on the car as his first car. (I will be posting up other parts for sale as well. Tein coilovers and some powdercoated 17" Konig wheels.)

I have been a member on this site as well as SR20form.com as I had an NX2000. I'm a verified user of paypal and also use eBay quite often. I would prefer to meet someone when making a sale as I am reluctant with internet transactions. (I was burned once before and I make it a point to not let that happen again.)

Just some background info on the cams (if you don't know so already). These Camshafts do not come stamped like the other JWT cams. How do I know? I've had a set of S4 cams installed in another car and they were stamped with "SPORTCAM" on the shaft between the lobes. (I have photos of those as well.)

I was suspicious as well when I first received them. Out of the box the only way I could tell was from the package sticker on the box. To ensure the validity of the camshafts, I took out my calipers and measured the lobes.

The STOCK camshafts lobes measure:
INTAKE - 37.8 MM

The JWT S3R camshafts lobes measure:
INTAKE - 39.2 MM

The measurements are in the photos below.

"How did they fill in the auto" (Not sure what you were asking.)
They fit fine, no difference in the install as the engine is the same in an auto and a manual.
Using my 'butt dyno' I noticed an increase in acceleration in the bottom end and a 'longer pull' in the upper end. The surprising thing was that the gas consumption increased. I was getting 29-32 MPG in mixed city/highway driving.

Time for the photos:

^Found all this info on G20.net. What you guys think? Anybody have experience with the S3R cams in a auto P11?

Originally Posted by G2002
Listen to Domiken he knows his stuff. You can't do an ecu upgrade becuase no company has been able to crack the codes of the 00-02 SR20DE ecu's. Like mentioned before its not something nesecary unless you plan to turbo.

EDIT: P.S. Does this above still apply? That's a big hinder for us 00-02 guys.
Last edited by MR-4Door-SR20DET on 2012-11-03 at 23-36-26.
2012-11-04 00:11:25
^ that's why people downgrade their ECU's and wire harnesses when they go turbo in a newer p11 and why the 99 p11 is so highly desirable instead
2012-11-04 14:54:09
- Well I'm going to do header (stock exhaust cat back for noise control) and S3R cams down the road and let you all know how it goes. If it doesn't workout, I'll just resale the cams.
2012-11-04 19:09:52
...looking forward to hear your review!
2012-11-04 21:42:57
Wish I could find some JWT cams for my SE
2012-11-04 21:58:03
Honestly, I think you should do a 2.5" mandrel bent cat-back. I had a 2.75" cat-back (with header) on my '01 B15 SE. I had no resonator and a stright-through/oval style muffler. It was fairly quiet when cruising but woke up when I caressed the gas pedal. I think if you were to do a 2.5 mandrel bent setup with factory cat, an 18" or longer resonator and good muffler (with off-set in/out), you would be very happy with the modest tone.

Also, I am interested in results of the S3R cams with factory redline/ECU. Update us if you ever get there.
Last edited by B15NEOVVL on 2012-11-04 at 21-59-02.
2012-11-05 00:40:47
- I like the tone of the car right now, that is no tone lol. When I get on the gas, of course I hear the pop charger sound off, but I love the silent luxury flow. I'm looking to keep it as close to that as possible.

P.S. Going to try and get some dyno pulls as it sits right now, and share my results with the mods I have in plan. Should be interesting for the auto guys.
Last edited by MR-4Door-SR20DET on 2012-11-05 at 00-42-16.
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