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Thread: G20 > b13/b14.

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2011-10-21 01:56:02
An Aztek gets IRS and my sporty 200SX does not.

I see something wrong with that.
2011-10-21 02:02:38
Probably the only reason I haven't gone with a P10 is because it has 4 doors. Can't do 4 door anything.... oh well.
2011-10-21 02:34:54
4 doors > all
2011-10-21 03:00:39
If only the P10 was nissan/infiniti's awd performance machine. I like the looks of a properly modded p10. P11's not soo much. Like it was said. Big fat heavy pig wearing lipstick. Its a good vehicle to just keep stock and dd.

P10 has a more racey look to it in my eyes. I would have liked to build a drag p10 but with the suspension setup the way it is, You can only fit soo big of a slick without it hitting the banana shapped part connecting the upper part of the hub, to the strut and upper link. So thats out. It would be more of a car to keep to road course racing/autoX. It definitely has the b13/b14 outdone as far as suspension design for handling purposes.

But im a b13 guy and always have. B13 OWNZ
2011-10-21 04:37:48
Originally Posted by squirlz



I agree
2011-10-21 05:13:03

2011-10-21 05:13:50
Please show me BTCC Sentra/200SX
2011-10-21 06:05:17
As much as I love my current b13, I sure miss my last p10t!

Then again, when I had both my p10's, I sure missed my Classic's!
2011-10-21 06:31:18
SWaGz_B14, you can call the P10 a brick all day, but in reality it's 3 points more aerodynamic then a B14, and a fifty points then a B13.

Coefficient of Drag (CD)
B14's is .33
P10/11 is .30

What other cars have the same CD as P10/P11's?
Koenigsegg CCXR
Jaguar XJ220
Honda NSX
2011-10-21 07:07:37
Originally Posted by josie


You crack me up!!

Originally Posted by SWaGz_B14
Theres alot of haters in here..

I don't see why a P10 is best?

My buddy has a P10 with UK motor, Injen CAI, Header and all kinds of other shit and my USDM DE with some bolt ons in my B14 would pull on him.

I'm more than sure I was better in turns too.

I see alot of B14 hate but over here my B14 is holding its ground big time and its not even that special. Just a stock VE.

Only cars I have trouble with is Roger's VE B13 (not stock) and D-unit's B14 (not stock).

Idk I like P11s alot for looks and comfort and sometimes P10s can look sexy, BUT... B13s and B14s take the cake. It only takes a couple mods to make up for suspension imperfections.

If you didn't realized it, this is a G20 section you're in. It's pretty obvious we're bias toward the P10 and P11.

Only when you stop wanting to be a street racer or part of the fast and furious crowd will you understand our appreciation for the P platform.
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