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Thread: G20 > b13/b14.

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2011-09-20 23:57:18
Personally I like my B13, I have never owned anything but a Sentra since I have started driving. I almost had a P10 but the douche was a scammer.

The B13 SE-R is the best car hands down for Jimmi, I will argue that with anyone.

If you have 4 doors people will want rides, last time I gave a drunk girl a ride home from the bar she complained that the car was stiff and rattled. I didn't get any ass that night... so I just removed my passenger seat. Now no one asks for rides.

I would like to own one of each vehicle P10, P11, NX, B13 Sentra, B14 4 door, B14 200SX, 00-01 Sentra SE.

When I am older and have more money to play with I will horde cars worse then I do now!
2011-09-21 00:07:23
whats going on in here
2011-09-21 00:08:50
Duck. Mods coming
2011-09-21 00:14:44
A33 Maxima > p10, p11 < b13/b14.
2011-09-21 00:30:37
510's over them all, then 411's.
2011-09-21 00:36:08
civic si>all
2011-09-21 00:37:13
Pussy over all.
2011-09-21 00:40:29
Originally Posted by danfiveten
Pussy over all.

This, /Thread.
2011-09-21 00:42:47
My p10 satisfies me.
2011-09-21 00:52:43
Hey this pic may be NSFW so beware before scrollin down.


Satisfies like that i guess huh. Lil to into cars if you ask me, literally.
Last edited by Vadim on 2011-09-21 at 06-00-19. Reason: Don't embedd NWS pics
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