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Thread: G20 > b13/b14.

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2011-10-21 10:38:18
Originally Posted by curtdragon


No rear beam^

2011-10-21 13:36:45
the b14 has a rear beam too so not sure why that keeps coming up in here.

BTW I think those pics of the b14's were posted in the wrong thread. But I'll link you if you guys can't find it http://www.sr20-forum.com/offtopic/149-official-ricer-spotted-thread.html.

I just love this pic so I figured I'd put it up here .
2011-10-21 14:35:42
Originally Posted by 5speed
You crack me up!!

If you didn't realized it, this is a G20 section you're in. It's pretty obvious we're bias toward the P10 and P11.

Only when you stop wanting to be a street racer or part of the fast and furious crowd will you understand our appreciation for the P platform.

Pretty sure I'm not wanting to be a "street racer" or "part of the f&f scene".

I drive my family around in my B14 and they love it.

I'm pretty sure I'd prefer a P as a family/daily driver seeing as how thats what it was meant to be. But when I think of whats best I think of size, power/weight and agility.

Say whatever about the beam but I remember when 200SXs came out there was a commercial of them out handling a porsche I believe. And thats in OEM form no mods.
2011-10-21 15:19:08
I miss my P10 a lot. I would actually trade my VE-T B13 for a real nice P10. I had one and it was ruined by asshat driver down here, only reason why I bought my b13 was because it was cheap.
2011-10-21 16:28:11
Originally Posted by SWaGz_B14

Say whatever about the beam but I remember when 200SXs came out there was a commercial of them out handling a porsche I believe. And thats in OEM form no mods.

Oh shit! I'd love to see this commercial.
2011-10-21 17:00:01
gee guys,

our p10 has 11 current NASA TTF Track records and won 1st place in 2011 NASA Nationals for TTF

We are looking to cage our p10 now (or find another p10 without sunroof shell to cage and move parts over) and run PTF and TTF for next season!

BUT we also have a caged shell b13 in our garage that we intend to finish so it will be interesting to see which vehicle we prefer to us at the track!
2011-10-21 19:11:40
[H]CRX> P10&11 haha check the C/D on that shit 0.29 haha
2011-10-21 19:32:03
A lot of funny pictures in this thead lol.
2011-10-21 19:47:21
P10 was pretty nice out the box stock suspension. But I'll wipe the floor with the average P series muv hugga.
2011-10-21 20:07:36
Originally Posted by Vadim

I will say P11's are fat, stock suspension is bouncy. But they are fun daily's on even 230whp. If I decide to get a full suspension, I think the P11 will be a great twisty car.

It depends... i wont call it really fat at all. At least EU base models. And stock suspension is great, even stock RR engine is great (EU 10:1 CR RR, no egr, etc.).

hillclimb twisties

Drag (faster than S2000 - not in this vid)

Last year hillclimb

Im daily driving P11 since this spring and car is really awesome in overall rating - as comfy, fun and realiable daily car with good gas mileage. It allows driver to do a LOT behing steering. Well, see vids as prove that is really fast in corners and fast even on straight with RR engine (SSAC, KN intake, timing, de-cat,... and thats it!)
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