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Thread: suspension tech

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2010-05-13 19:54:26
suspension tech
picked up a '02 g20 sport 5spd LSD. 1 owner, completely stock and unmolested. what do you suggest for suspension and what does everyone use for motor mounts(ive heard there are no inserts and what not avail)

is there ksports avail? thanks for everyones input.
2010-05-14 04:15:40
Do what I did as far as motor mounts, just go to home depot and get a tube of PL brand polyurethane construction adhesive and take your stock mounts and fill them with the polyurethane,
use gloves it makes a mess, its waterproof and will NOT come off skin (it took me a week to get off),
let them sit a couple of days (a week would be ideal),
and there you go semi-solid mounts, all the benefits of a solid mount and not as much vibration at idle
2010-05-14 14:28:33
Complecz Some Of The Inserts Used On B13/b14 Fit The P11

None Fit The Passenger Mount
Suspension I Suggest H& R And New Shocks.
2010-05-14 15:55:16
You can modify Prothanes to fit. Search around g20.net to find some of the info on it.

KSports I am pretty sure are available. I talked to the guys in this thread on Monday when I placed the order for my P10 and he said that he thought KSport had a set on the shelf ready to go. These guys are selling the newly re-designed KSports and not the older version too.

NEW :: P10 Chassis Suspension -- kSport - G20.net - Forums
2010-05-15 11:47:11
thanks guys, i found a link on greg v's website about using prothanes. and i cant view the page even though i am a member on g20.net, i think it is because you have to contribute to the site to view teh how to's. i guess ill have to 'man up' and contribute so i can see how to do this. lol. found ksports and i will proll go with them because you can lower the car to an agressive stance without sacraficing suspension travel and it does not affect the geometry too much either.
2010-05-20 22:59:08
i wouldnt contirbute sh1t they get info off of us and they dont contribute.
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