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2008-04-07 19:59:20
I <3 Greg V.
2008-04-07 20:18:24
Greg is not a hot mom...
2008-04-07 21:00:20
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Couldn't have said it better!

i know. people like to rant and blast the seller before thinking twice. think everybody BEFORE you blast them but i figure you know that now.

greg will help you out. call him up.
2008-04-07 21:12:37
Avenir W10 and U13 motor are the same motor.

Avenir W11 just has the BB turbo.

There is not real diffrence between these motors. I would no care which I got. The W11 motor is also very rear and hard to find.
2008-04-08 00:11:30
That motor looks clean as fu*k!

Sorry this thread is even up on here Greg...

2008-04-08 00:21:48
Originally Posted by Dudeman258
That motor looks clean as fu*k!

Sorry this thread is even up on here Greg...


Hell yeah it is very clean
2008-04-08 01:05:54
Originally Posted by SR20Raf
Hell yeah it is very clean

that after i cleaned it up.
2008-04-08 03:30:51
I sort of went through the same thing, I paid more for a W11 engine but it didn't have the ballbearing turbo, ergo, it probably wasn't a W11. Doesn't matter anymore, I have a different turbo all together.
2008-04-08 16:27:00
Tom and I worked it out. Thanks for all the support. You all know i take my business personally and would never deceive anyone intentionally. Nor do I like to look stupid. When I'm told something by a supplier i run with it. Tom actually knew a few things the supplier didn't, funny enough. Tom: I'm sure this motor will treat you right.
2008-04-08 20:40:57
^I'm glad to see you post in the thread V. It's nice to know that it worked out ok. Everybody had your back man.
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