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Thread: 5th gear kit questions:

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2008-11-14 01:45:43
5th gear kit questions:
I have a partial 5th gear kit from the previous owner of my SE-R.
I'd like to find out which pieces are missing & replace them if at all possible.
If necessary I can lay out the pieces I have and we could fill in the blanks.
I looked at the pic online so I'll have to compare it to what I have.
2008-11-14 02:01:17
this isnt my section but i thought this would help ya out

Nissan Fifth Gear Popout Info

5th gear FTL, i had the same issue
2008-11-14 02:03:03
Thanks for the link. I'm in debate, fix what I have or just find a different trans.
2008-11-14 02:25:55
i thought about the same thing, then i tought the other tranny could be affected also(or soon be). then u got 2 trannies with pop out. fix the one u have and call it a day. then u wont have to worry about 5th gear
2008-11-14 18:00:58
here are all the parts in my kit. Keep in mind, I may include more parts than say Courtesy because we've found you need more.

2008-11-14 19:55:57
Thanks Greg, I may just have to get the whole deal & call it good. Hmmm, what can I sell to get the $$$.
2008-11-17 02:40:57
sorry to jump into ur thred again, but how much are the 1st 2 sensors in that kit

thank you
2008-11-18 17:28:45
$19.89 and $14.31
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