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Thread: How to Remove EGR C.E.L.

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2008-12-01 14:57:45
Read the thread dude. It says right in here. If you'd like a step by step, search b15sentra.net for 'egr delete' and it will come up.
2010-12-04 12:22:49
What if you aren't doing an EGR delete, but are still getting the code for the EGR... Can I wire in this resistor with the EGR still all hooked up, plug the plug back together rather than wrapping with duct tape, and be good to go with no CEL?
2011-02-03 15:44:42
Should be able to.

But I would disconnect the EGR completely and and clean it really good with some rag's, q tips and throttle body cleaner.
2011-02-04 22:30:40
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2011-02-05 04:28:53
Im curios if this actualy will set the egr readyness monitor for the obd2 check on b14's with egr deleted ? Member Fubar102 is running a b15se w/ve and a JWT b14 ecu and it set egr monitor Just left the egr step motor plugged in. No need for a resistor in that case if you plan on a b15se ve swap.
2011-02-05 05:10:44
I went and bought resistors for this and when I got back in my car I look down and the check engine light is gone LOL if it comes back on I'll have to do it :P
2011-03-02 01:52:25
I tried this today and the light went away but i scanned it and the code kept coming back, am I doing something wrong or is that just how it stays? I need it gone because I need to pass inspection and thats the only thing that would cause me to fail.
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2011-10-02 02:12:09
Would it be possible that instead of putting the resistor in the plug, just remove the plug and solder the resistor in the middle of the 2 wires and then wrap with electrical tape or heat shrink it?
2011-10-02 02:48:08
Anything is possible if you know what you are doing but that sounds like a chard b13 to me.

What ecu you do you have? If you can burn a new rom you can just delete the egr all together.
2011-10-04 10:35:21
I will be using a P10 ecu on my NA motor thats going in for now. Once my turbo motor is done, plan on getting Nistune.
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