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Thread: How To Install Koyo R1977 Radiator in a P11

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2011-08-12 03:44:00
How To Install Koyo R1977 Radiator in a P11
There are no drop in radiators for the P11 or P10. Guess they figured the market is too small for it, and fitting the B13/B14 radiator is not impossible.

Stock vs Koyo, stock is about 1-2" taller.

Stock vs Koyou thickness, Koyo is huge!

Wohoo the Koyo fit, but it is sitting right on the turbo intake housing.

Main reason is a lip in the radiator support

Used some pliers to straighten it out

Cable support kind of gets in the way

After straightening out the lip, compressed the support as much as possible

Now the radiator sits a lot better

Not much play room between the downpipe and the core

Radiator hose is a little close to the downpipe, but it's not too bad

The hose also gets slightly pinched since the new radiator is lower and closer to the block

Shortened the hose, the same will need to be done to the big radiator hose that goes to the thermostat

This Koyo will need 12" fans, just like the B13/B14 radiators do. 14" fans are a little too big and wont sit flush against the radiator. I ordered 13" fans, i believe they should fit with minimum cutting.

Lower radiator support will need to be slightly bent too

Next fun part is the mounts, since the B13/B14 radiators are also not as long, the mounting points will be closer together. I drilled a hole and inserted a bolt.

Getting the bolt in was a little painful since you have to pull out the wiring harness

Custom made aluminum radiator mounts :-P. I needed the radiator mounted as soon possible. You can use B13 mounts with a few alterations.

Lastly the reservoir tank nipple is also further away from the tank. You will need about 5' of 5/16 hose. Just run it back to the reservoir tank and replace the old line

Here is what it looks like after you are done. Man I really need to wire tuck!
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2011-08-14 07:31:18
Pretty clean install. Nice write up.
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