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Thread: Rerouting vacuum hoses & JDM Intake Manifold for turbo

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2007-12-11 22:59:11
Rerouting vacuum hoses & JDM Intake Manifold for turbo
Copied from my old thread:

Im in the process of adding a T25 to my SR20DE. So, along the way, I decided to utilize a JDM intake manifold to cleanup the emissions crap and to do away with: the BPT valve, the EGR valve, and the AIV valve.

Additionally, I installed 370cc injectors and the JWT turbo ECU to check those pieces.

I have diagrammed, for anyone else's benefit, the re-routing of the vacuum hoses to cleanup that whole area there.

From the Haynes manual for reference on the corresponding numbered hoses:

Here's what you have in stock form:

... the "triangles" are where 3 hoses join each other via 3-way or through the gallery.

FYI, the "gallery" is the metal hoses all buched up together, connected to the BPT valve and the EGR tube,

Here's AFTER you've discarded, what to rehook and add:

Ive done it this way, and everything runs swell! Although now I have to turn the idle down a notch.

If there's an error anyone can see in this, let me know...
2008-03-28 02:15:46
This works for Turbo or NA...
2008-03-28 08:31:26
The best EGR delete how to.
This is the best EGR delete write-up that I know of. Thanks again.

2008-03-28 10:40:12
vry nice write up
2008-03-28 15:08:24
Thanks for the diagram, much cleaner than the one in my Chilton manual!
NICE write-up.
2008-03-29 14:16:38

Just doing my portion..
2008-03-29 17:09:12
llaprad1, mind if I copy this to a local forum?
2008-03-29 23:24:50
No problem
2008-03-29 23:49:26
lllaprad you should post some pics too!!!! then this thread will be complete!!!!cuz im about to get rid of the egr crap too.........
2008-03-30 23:26:18
great write up, i have been asking about this for awhile now, and finally i got an answer....lol, PEDRONX2k is rite some pictures and this will be perfect.
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