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Thread: How to install and wire a turbo timer in a B13 and B14

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2007-12-11 14:32:58
How to install and wire a turbo timer in a B13 and B14
I figured I would write this up while my memory is fresh.

Keeping it down to just the colors of the wires is all I am going to for search purposes because I had difficulties finding the info...

If you are wiring on the firewall side of the connector that is under the steering column, the wires are:

Constant 12v = Solid white
Ignition = Black w/red stripe
Accessory = White w/ blue stripe

If wiring into the harness in the steering column(like I did) the wires are colored differently:

Constant 12v = White w/ Red stripe
Ignition = Black w/white stripe
Accessory = Blue w/ white stripe

Harness to turbo timer are as follows:

Constant 12v = Red wire on timer
Ignition = Green wire on timer
Accessory = Blue wire on timer

This is for an Apexi unit, but I found while searching for wiring info that the Greddy and Blitz also use the same colored wires on their units.

Hope it helps someone, Josh

EDIT. The wires for the a/f and o2 voltage. If looking down the wires to the harness, it will look like this.

00000000 0000000 0000X000 00000000G
00000000 0000000 00000000 000000000

the "x" is for O2 sensor, the "g" is ground...

for the B14

2008-02-03 06:42:33
Great write up. The only problem that I encountered is that the wiring harness in the steering column the accessory wire was solid blue. This helped me out a lot. Thanks again.
2008-07-14 07:01:42
Where do you ground the turbo timer?

Can anyone Identify these wires?

White w/ Purple Stripe
White w/ Green Stripe
White w/ Blue Stripe
White w/ Red Stripe

2009-09-29 04:17:19
Do you have a link for the B14 that works? Great writeup btw!
2009-09-29 04:36:05
why do all that when you can just buy the greddy/hks/blitz harness for a s13/s14 will work just fine. if you have the apexi unit then all you have to do is wire the hand break and the 02 sensor at the ecu.
2009-09-29 05:30:31
HA old thread revived, lol. When I did this a year ago on my p11. I did it my way and used an ebay S13 turbo timer harness. Simple Install.
2009-09-30 04:16:21
I like to revive old threads if it saves starting a new one with the same info... I'll try an S14/S13 harness, I have a 300zx harness somewhere too, but I dont know which two wires to switch like everyone always talks about.
2009-10-12 22:34:03
Gtir one works as well. All the name brands are the same. Ex you can use a greddy harness with an hks turbo timer.

I used a hks gtir harness with an hks turbo timer. One wire goes to the e brake sensor using one of those connectors that doesnt require any splicing, and the other ground wire i just grounded on the metal toward the fuse box with an existing bolt and a spade connector. Works fine, super easy to do.
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