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Thread: Rear Mounted Turbo Set up

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2007-12-23 17:13:01
^ totally agree
2007-12-23 17:44:07
you guys forget that they run these on high horsepower V8's with lots of torque and a lot of exchaust volume.
2007-12-24 05:09:50
These setups were also designed for traction reasons on RWD cars. I have a friend in FL running this setup on his 99 LS1 Camaro. Boosts great, No lag, and better traction. He loves it. This would be great for our cars if they were RWD and the engine bay was more stuffed. As far as lag goes for us. It would matter what CC your chambers are on your head. Better flow obviously will make boost better. I personally wouldn't mind trying this out but no resources... Great idea in my opinion. +1

2007-12-24 21:51:25
I was looking around on youtube and found this. In the 2nd part of the video you can see the boost gauge which reaches full boost very quickly.

2007-12-24 22:16:09
i do think these are very application specific, some motors it might be no lag some motors might be laggy just depdnds on the application the motor is on
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