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Thread: Oil shooting from dipstick

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2008-09-18 20:09:46
Oil shooting from dipstick
When i go mashing, oil sprays out from the dipstick.. ??

Does the Aviner have a special dip stick? because all of them are too big and they dont seal

2008-09-18 20:18:10
Sounds like you're pressurizing the crankcase. What's the black box connected to the VC?
2008-09-18 20:22:31
Originally Posted by Naghebe
What's the black box connected to the VC?

Oil catch can

2008-09-18 22:12:10
does the oil catch can setup have a breather type setup or no? if not you need to setup a oil catch can with a breather
2008-09-18 23:17:50
Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD
does the oil catch can setup have a breather type setup or no? if not you need to setup a oil catch can with a breather

oil catch can outputs back to the intake.. that meter'ed air so u cant just vent it
2008-09-18 23:28:18
check your PCV valve
2008-09-18 23:31:30
to test the pcv valve, remove it, and shake it, if you hear the ball moving around its good, if you dont its clogged, take some carb cleaner to it if its clogged that should do the trick
2008-09-19 03:39:37
Newer SR's have a one way valve that makes no noise when shaking it. You have to blow into it and make sure it works right. But it sounds like you are pressurizing the crankcase with boost.
2008-09-19 05:36:11
^ thats the only thing it can be, i remember doing a pressure test and i had the vc hose plugged up and i was leaking thru the dip stick
2008-09-19 05:39:46
I like what you did with the Catch Can, but you really really limited the amount of airflow that can squeeze into that small pipe. NA you it should work fine, but on boost you need something thicker.

For my PCV system I even the same thickness of tubing for the catch can.

You just have too much pressure under boost. Look at these two posts from Coheed, I think they will explain a lot

Originally Posted by Coheed
We dynod a mustang last night. We gained 100lb ft of torque, and 40whp on a T76 turbo setup just by taking the oil cap off. That is how much relieving the crankcase pressure helped.

Originally Posted by Coheed
Check this out, we have two breather filters on the valvecover of this mustang. I said "hey we have a ton of blowby coming out of these breathers!"

Seriously, there was so much blowby the filters were soaked in oil and the filters would balloon up under full boost. So I said, lets take off the oil cap and I will hold a rag over the hole while we do a pull.

The look on their face was priceless. HOLY $hit!!!! Bam! 40whp just like that. Car made almost 600whp before and 638whp after, just by removing the oil cap to relieve some pressure.
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