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Thread: weird problem HELP PLEASE

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2008-09-06 05:29:22
weird problem HELP PLEASE
ok ill tell the story and then let people chime in and let me know what they think it is. if i cant get it figured out im parting the car and i really dont want to do that.

ok i have a 95 200sx bb det with a log mani and garrett 60-1 here is the story. I had 370s@4bar with a z32 maf with jwt ecu to match and the car was running fine(safc2 maf setting 2in-2out and fuel all at 0) car ran perfect. I decided i was going to switch to 72lb inj so i found a ecu on the forum and traded my ecu for the other one,came in a few days.I wired in the msd clips and soldered in the resistors i got from gregv per the jwt instructions plugged everything in and now came the fun. Tune the key and the car fired right up then died did this again and held the gas, the car stayed running but very badly. I decided to set the safc as if the ecu was programmed for a stock maf 2in-6out and bamm the car started up and idled right at 850-900 once warmed. so now im wondering why it runs good with the safc set like that and decide to take it for a ride yea right. got to about 2000rpms and fell on its face but i noticed it was running rich i could smell it so i started taking fuel out a little at a time because i dont have the wideband installed yet. I took -12% from idle to redline car got to about 3000 now so i took more got it to 5000 now im about -35 to -38% . next for the hell of it i leave the settings the same and put my stock ecu in and the car runs exactly the same with the stock and with the jwt. Anyone who can figure this out please id like to keep the car but its my daily and its been down 3 weeks and my step dad switches to 2nd shift in 2 weeks so i wont have his truck to use for work. I called ben@ jwt and read him the code on the chip and he says its the right program. he currently has the ecu to look it over. PLEASE HELP
2008-09-06 13:50:04
Okay, you need a WIDEBAND.

Why are you even TRYING to tune, without one?
2008-09-06 22:56:41
im not trying to tune without one i am trying to run my car with a jwt ecu until i get one installed.
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