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Thread: Upgrading a turbocharger

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2008-09-01 01:03:20
Upgrading a turbocharger
I havent even finished with my engine and I already want to upgrade the setup lol.
This is the question, when upgrading the turbo, what of these 3 options is better in order to get more power with less lag at the same boost level:

Lets say I have a turbo with Stage 3 wheel and .63 turbine housing

Option #1 Upgrade the wheel and stay with .63 AR
Option #2 Keep the stage 3 wheel and upgrade the turbine housing to .84 AR
Option #3 Upgrade both, wheel and housing. (lag :P )
2008-09-01 03:13:35
You just said it. More power less lag. Scratch option #3 already ohh BTW you have 2 options 1!
2008-09-01 03:40:42
Yeah I just put option 3 for the sake of it, Im still not sure about option 1 and 2.
Get on the MSN if you can George, gotta ask you something.
2008-09-01 18:47:30
50 views 1 post?
2008-09-02 03:37:14
go bigger ar. bigger wheels usually sacrifice efficiency, though they flow more. The bigger ar would have less lag and will make around 20hp more while reducing backpressure.
2008-09-02 04:12:47
I thought bigger AR would give more lag?
But you do have a point on the backpressure thing, you found out the hard way how much that affects VET's.
2008-09-03 06:19:30
A bigger AR will give more lag, but not as much as a bigger trim will. It is generally better to stay with a smaller trim and bigger ar to help spooling.
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