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Thread: RARE BLITZ k26 turbo setup NOT MINE

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2008-08-29 05:24:21
RARE BLITZ k26 turbo setup NOT MINE
just thought i'd post

2008-08-29 05:40:55
He's been trying to sell that for almost half a year now. I think the $1600 price tag is whats been keeping it from selling...
2008-08-29 05:45:00
lol Who the hell would buy that anyway?? The stock T28 that comes on the car would outflow that looking at the specs of the K26 turbo. They migh as well call the K26 a T26
2008-08-29 17:07:34
I had a k26 foud at a junkyard for 30 dollars plus a hundred dollars for rebuilt kit. Not a bad turbo for 130 dollars when your t25 burns up, but 1600 hundred hell no
2008-08-30 16:56:51
I guess the manifold is the reason why he's selling it for so much. I didn't know blitz even made manifolds.
2008-08-30 17:08:35
Funny how you claim something is blitz but yet no pics to prove it.
2008-08-30 20:51:22
was that addressed towards me?

I posted the link up as I never seen it along with anothertype of manifold. people do collect pictures lol. I know I do
2008-08-30 20:55:05
No it wasn't at you. Its at the seller. I understood what "NOT MINE" in the title ment lol
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