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Thread: Race gas questions....

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2008-08-29 02:23:52
Race gas questions....
So is there any reason why I couldnt run race gas all the time? Im talking leaded race gas. Obviously you could run the regular old 100octane unleaded all day. But im thinking of runnning 110oc and unhooking my O2 sensor until I run it all out.

Anything wrong with that? I know the leads bad for our motors O2 sensor and our cats but I have niether so would it hurt anything else?
2008-08-29 02:30:53
im pretty sure there are several people that have done it so i dont see why not.
2008-08-29 02:34:31
Tons of people run the Unleaded 100oc race gas. But you dont hear about alot people running the real leaded race gas because they still have cats and O2 sensors that they run. Im just wondering if itll have any long term effects on the motor its self. Since I dont run an O2 or a cat I could care less about those
2008-08-29 06:33:50
Lead makes internals look shiny and bling

I wouldn't run the high octane stuff all the time, adding lead to the fuel raises the MON, but slows the burn rate in the process. Q16 would be the way to go for you. It is oxygenated so it burns faster. But you won't get to take advantage of it unless it is tuned for it.

I did a dyno comparison between 91 and 100 octane, both unleaded. I saw a peak of 11whp more on the 91 than the 100 on 20psi. That's right. Same tune and the cat piss made more power. So just make sure you have it tuned for the higher octane stuff, it burns slightly slower so you have to add more advance.
2008-08-29 06:36:20
But at any rate, you can run the leaded stuff safely. I am not really sure, but it supposedly acts as a lubricant for valves and such. Well, that's what my dad told me. He's an old hotrodder so I cant really say for sure.
2008-08-29 06:36:22
I run C16 in the boosted egg all the time.I don't have a cat & i'm not worried about the o2sensor.It's not worth it unless you're running big boost all the time.
2008-08-29 06:59:21
Apparently Tial doesnt recomend running leaded gas with there normal Wastegate valves so I think im just gonna use the 100octane unleaded, I think im going to hit the Dynoe tommorow and try to max out these 50lbers!
2008-08-29 07:07:51
Correct, I thought you had internal gate on that, but as I can see from your avatar...

Tial has a sep valve for the 38mm for running leaded fuel. I know a lot of ppl running leaded and not had a problem, but it isn't best for long term if you are using the reg tial.
2008-08-29 07:19:58
Yeah I was kinda laughing to myself about that. Tial wants you to buy the valve after you already pay a grip for the wastegate. On top of that 12.0:1 leaves a very nice black layer on everything it touches so I doubt running leaded gas every once in a while would do a damn thing lol. Tial is funny
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