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Thread: Help with welding

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2008-08-28 05:33:05
Help with welding
Okay so i tried to weld my IC piping and failed miserably.

Cut the pipes, grind the surface tack weld 4 points N,S,E,W.. , connect the dots

im using a lincoln welder (flux cored)

when i weld it's like pulsing and the gun like jumps up and down. i tried messing with the wire feed and also increasing the heat with no luck.

My welds look ugly, i tried to leak test it and it has alot of leaks.

what am i doing wrong? i cant seem to get a constant bead because the gun is all jumping around.

ill get better pics of the beads later, but it's pretty much like the rocky mountains.. it's like 50 tack welds
2008-08-28 05:37:30
look alot better then my welds when i tryed : ).... what cha running there?
2008-08-28 05:40:05
Originally Posted by MY95SER
look alot better then my welds when i tryed : ).... what cha running there?

P10 w/ Stock Aviner+UO Flywheel +UO full pully set + type 2 HKS ssqv + Calum RT... i still have maybe 6month untill i finish the car
2008-08-28 05:48:51
set the wire speed higher, looks like its not getting enough wire and keeps restarting...

grind those down, youll see the holes. and just re weld the whole thing
2008-08-28 05:52:24
Hey there,

I just finished welding up a catback for my NX using a Lincoln Handy MIG setup, and had the same problems initially while I was doing my practise welds.

First thing I would check it to make sure you've got a good contact on your workpiece for the welder. Next, check your wirefeed rate. You will need the right combination of voltage, amperage (which is normally coincidentally controlled by the feed rate), so I would slow down your rate (I ran decent welds on the lowest voltage, and feed rate at 3.5). Your torch travel speed over the workpiece matters, too; move too fast, you don't get proper penetration, and you end up with a weak joint. Too slow, and you have excess build up, and blow through of the base metal.

Even though flux core will burn through some impurities, make sure you wire brush any slag that comes up from a fresh weld before trying to "connect the dots"; this includes tack welds. For torch movement, run a zig-zag back and forth as you run the length of the joint, using a dragging motion, so you don't try to run back through the molten pool, or into fresh slag forming. Next, grab some scrap and practise, practise, practise!

Want more info on welding in general? A great site can be found here:


Good Luck with it!

2008-08-28 05:52:30
grind them.. aight that gonna take hours.. the welds are pretty hard to grind with the angle grinder

am i going to hot maybe? i started out at B and its didnt penetrate well. so i bumper it all the way up to D.

also do u think it's doing this becaue my outlet it lousey? it trips after every 2 mins of cont. welding
2008-08-28 09:41:23
practice, practice, practice.

my welding sucked really bad when i first started, had the same problems as you are, looked like i'd stuck the metal together with pidgeon sh1t...lol. but it has got alot better in a relatively short space of time,

get some scraps and start messing about with it is the best advice i could give.
2008-08-28 12:52:56
You have to have a circuit that will carry the max load easily. Most smaller 110 units are 20 amp, make sure the circuit you are working on is at least that, but 30 amp would be ideal. Usually the amp rating is on the back. And flux core welding just sucks.

If you have the ability to switch the machine to 75%argon 25% co2, do it. the welds will be much nicer. But the important thing is to take your time and watchit penetrate to metals together, then move on. Good luck.
2008-08-28 12:53:43
And don't use an extension cord, that will really mess some **** up.
2008-08-28 13:12:02
There is a tensioner on the wire feed. If that is loose it will feed inconsistently. Try tightening up the tensioner on the feed wheel/wire.
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