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Thread: find my oil leak (picture heavy)

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2008-08-28 04:05:49
find my oil leak (picture heavy)
Ok, I don't have a CLUE where this leak is coming from. I've looked and looked. I was unable to put it on a lift so far. But it's been hard to pin point where it's coming from. I see it's leaking from the Middle of the X-member, But i don't see the anything on the upper oil pan.

So if anyone has any experience about this particular oil leak please help me out.
And you will notice oil on the back Steering thing, I don't see where the hell or how the hell it's getting all the way over there.

I do notice oil coming from between the block and tranny, so i suspect my Rear main seal my be leaking.. Fine! but that still don't explain why i have oil dripping from the middle of the X-member and the rear bar - control arm thing, W/E you know what i mean.

New oil return line and clamps.

How the hell is it getting all the way over there????


This is where the oil catch line go, But i hardly think that enough oil to cause that mini puddle under my car.( I will fix this)

I will jack the car up and take some pictures of behind the block tomorrow.
But any and all info is welcome.
2008-08-28 04:14:02
to me it looks like tranny fluid? you sure its oil
2008-08-28 04:31:56
Tranny fluid coming from where? Both the Drain and Refill plugs are Dry. And besides, Gear oil has a very distinctive smell which is hard to miss or confuse for Motor oil.
2008-08-28 04:57:47
leaking inside the tranny from the imput shaft. thats true tranny oil has a different smell. best bet would to clean it all up then go from there
2008-08-28 05:01:42
Yea, the best bet will be is to crab clean it all, then have her running on a lift so i can see where it could be coming from.
2008-08-28 05:57:39
maybe dist o ring? I don't know, just check it haha.
2008-08-28 07:20:35
check on the backside of the block up where your oil feed line goes. Mines leaking somewhere around there and the oil get on the axle and goes everywhere. Looks a lot like yours.
2008-08-28 13:28:54
^^ Agreed.

I had the same oil traces, and they came from the sending unit/oil feed line adapter.

Put it on a lift or some jackstands, start it up, and check the back of the block.
2008-08-28 13:37:39
Yea, Im' going to take it over to Boommers house as we have other things to do to the car. Buy two cans of Carb cleaner and jack her up and see what i can find.
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