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Thread: flooded turbo engine

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2008-08-25 23:32:42
It was the lower o-ring on cyl. 1. IT boggles me how it flooded the crap out of the engine though.It was all over the cold side piping and on the intercooler also. I turned the crank until no fuel was spitting out then I drained the engine oil. Poured a little oil on the cylinders then cranked it little by little. Crap load of smoke came out of the exhaust for the first few minutes. Now no smoke comes out. Gonna do a compression test tomorrow then change the oil again. So far so good. Thanks for all the help so far fellas.
2008-08-26 03:02:09
Originally Posted by SR20BEN
Thanks for the quick replies. This is the reason teh dash is better than the regular forum
Now that wasn't very nice.

2008-08-26 03:18:55
Just a little tid bit.

If you want the injs o-rings to seat properly, take some oil and lub the o-rings and the seat where the o-rings sits and they will slip in without getting pinching.

When the injs seat properly they make a sound, I cant explain it it more like a small pop as they slip into position.
2008-08-26 19:03:24
Originally Posted by Chriscar
Now that wasn't very nice.


Ouch. Still much love to the OG forum Chris!
2008-08-26 19:34:43
Ben, I could have told you it was the o rings, dummy lol. I use vasoline when installing those o rings.
2008-08-26 19:43:44
You use Vasoline on more than o-rings, you dirty bastad!
2008-08-27 01:56:02
I still love ya Chriscar!

Thanks for the comments fellas.

Dave- I used vaseline on the o-rings too. NExt time I'll use motor oil though like Dre said.

LMAO @ tekkie.
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