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Thread: Hitting the strip tommorrow!!!

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2008-08-21 13:27:40
Hitting the strip tommorrow!!!
Well i will be going up to phoenix to run at speedworld on my slicks once again. Most of you remember what happened last time i went due to a lifter failure. But this time should be pretty good other than the fact that it is still gonna be hot out, it will still be about 85-90* out even at 10 o'clock at night but if i stay till 11 or so it should be low 80's but even that is pretty hot out compared to the last time i went to the track.

I will be running on my slicks and still on the poor little T25 to see what i can push out of it before my new turbo goes on. Still running an 18psi spike but basicly only holds 11-12psi after 5500rpm. Car is running really really good. Finally fixed my sputter problem under quick acceleration in 1st and 2nd and my topend is much much better. So even though its going to be miserably hot out it should still be fun. I would like to hit a 12.0@113mph or so. I was ultimately trying for 11's but i think its going to be way too hot to get those numbers, the power difference is crazy when its nice and cold out. But here its been a while.

Neways i did pick up my dual bb T28 that i found for an awesome price. So soon when it gets nice and cool again i will run the T28 at 20psi on slicks. Cant wait. Wish me luck, haha
2008-08-21 15:28:37
Good luck man. I saw the carnage last time, so hopefully this time she holds together. I think you should be able to hit 12.0, but it is still gonna be a lil tough.
2008-08-21 15:38:26
yeah i think if i can pull a 1.7 60ft out of it and hit all the gears quick and timed right as far as shift points i think it will still be possible even though it is gonna be crazy hot out. but i want to run on the t25 before i switch it out to bigger and better things, haha. But hey i think it will be possible. I dont doubt it will hold together, ive been beating the crap out of it for almost 3 months now with no problems, i did a compression check the other day and 175psi across the board. So the motor is defintely good to go. The turbo i think is slowly giving up. the response is not like it used to although still freaking good, just a noticably getting weaker. But it still feels quite a bit faster than when i ran at 8psi on my street tires and ran a 13.0 with a 2.18 60ft. Its definetly going to come down to launch. Rev limiter launch with a quick slip of the clutch. If it gets too much wheelspin i will do a small burnout before trying again, if its still too much i will lower the launch point.
2008-08-21 17:23:15
glad luck
2008-08-22 05:29:36
Ha! Your most likely just getting tired of the T25 turbo power. Great pull at first and then nothing to redline after that lol. Its almost like your decelerating! I can say this...Ill never go back to a T25 unless its just a daily driver! Having power from 3k ALL the way to redline with pretty much the same quick spool is the best feeling!
2008-08-22 06:17:21
never been to one... good luck
2008-08-22 13:13:39
soooo??? howd ya do!??!?!?!
2008-08-23 04:52:00
Originally Posted by Coheed
soooo??? howd ya do!??!?!?!

x's 2
2008-08-23 15:31:07
Oh great. This prob means he broke it. He is probably working on her right now instead of posting on the dash. That's practically the only other way we can get him off here
2008-08-23 15:46:30
haha...you think he realize a lil t25 can cause more issues when tryin for high numbers?? lol jk OP
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