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Thread: Over Heating Still!!!

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2008-08-17 21:42:00
Over Heating Still!!!
well i changed the water pump and put a hole in the thermostat, and my baby still over heats.... any body have any ideas on wat i should do.._?? also how do i burp the system??
i turn the car on and drive around for like 5 min and the temp starts shooting up

im thinking it could be my radiator
2008-08-17 22:13:11
Sounds like you need to bleed the system. If there are air pockets in the coolant system the coolant won't cool the motor.

To bleed the system unscrew the bleeder screw on the thermostat, add coolant until it squirts out of the bleeder screw hole. Then tighten the bolt up. Fill the rad the rest of the way up will coolant and cap it off.

There are some better ways to do this to if this way doesn't work for you, but this way is the simplest so try this way first.
2008-08-17 22:14:24
can you be more specific regarding putting a hole in the t-stat? is there enough coolant?
2008-08-18 03:06:23
Do both hoses get hot? Or does one stay cold?

Do you have two fans or one?

I found it easiest to start the car, and just leave the radiator cap off, and keep pouring water into the radiator. Mine took about 2.5gal plus or minus .25gal.

The pump does a good job of pushing the water around and forcing the air pockets up towards the radiator cap.
2008-08-18 06:46:06
Jack the front of the car up making the radiator cap the highest point in the cooling system. Take the cap off and start the car and start adding fluid as it goes down. Iv never had a problem doing this. I havent got any air pockets so far.

What is putting a hole in the t-stat gonna do? If its not opening then whats a hole gonna do? Just replace it...its cheap. If those ideas doesnt work then check the radiator.
2008-08-18 12:30:45
I understand what he's saying regarding the hole. When the car isn't warm enough, the t-stat stays closed and prevents coolant from flowing across the system, or so I thought. Then I remembered that one way check valve that's on the t-stat, so coolant should be able to leak past. My thoughts were that this "valve" was to help allow air pockets to pass back towards the highest point in the system.
2008-08-18 17:22:44
new radiator and if it stills overheating then u probably have a bad head gasket
2008-08-19 07:35:01
ight i have both fans on and with the tstat installed as soon as i turn the car on the temp shoots up-
i took it out and it still warms up faster than normal but not as fast as with the tstat in... it get real bad when i get on the gas...

i ordered some water wetter and im about to order the nismo cap....

ima try all these suggestion today.. ill let you guys know how it goe4s can someone show me where the bleeder is ???

if these dont work then new radiator , then take it from there
2008-08-19 12:29:16
It shows the bleeder here calls is the air relief, same thing

2008-08-19 13:29:56
If the car was cold, and you started it to watch the temps almost shoot up immediately, you likely have a bad CTS (Coolant temp sensor).

Otherwise, put the car on jackstands as previously mentioned, remove the radiator cap, and start the car. By the time you get to the front of the car, the radiator likely will look dry, so keep pouring water into the radiator.
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