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Thread: Even more build woes...

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2008-08-31 17:41:01
You could just let it idle for good while too to get things warmed up.

In Ohio you can get 30 day tags so you can legally drive to e check or what ever, I think they were pretty cheap to.
2008-09-03 02:18:37
Car's road worthy now $100 changes anyone's mind.

Got an issue now, though.

Did a 4th gear pull and full boost hits around 4500rpm. Now, around 5400rpm in 4th gear, she just cuts out almost like a fuel cut, or rpm cut. Just rapid bouncing around 5400rpm and she doesn't want to go any further. This is in WOT, btw.

Same thing happens in 3rd gear, although around 6K rpm.

Was datalogging during the whole time, and I don't see anything out of the ordinary, other than 60 seconds into the datalog, everything maxes out as far as injector latency, maf voltage, etc.

2008-09-03 02:21:08

2008-09-03 03:52:03
Lol! You're saying to get one, or that's what's causing the issue? I can't dump the money just yet on a standalone ecu.

I would like to think that a realtime ecu would be sufficient.
2008-09-03 04:22:24
"Not a bad way to spend $10,000" LOL
2008-09-03 06:07:55
Boost leak... rich missfire is what it sounds like. It happened on my car once and it turned out to be a hole in the intercooler. It acted like a rev limiter just like you said. It would hit about 6k and bounce there, but only in 3rd and higher.
2008-09-03 12:29:41
LOL Tommy. When you guys coming down again?

Coheed, I have no boost leaks. The system has been pressure tested. I'm running blow thru, all vauum lines are new.

I've pressure tested at around 30psi, and get very minimal leak down. No way that at only 9psi this problem should be related to a boost leak. Thanks though.
2008-09-03 15:14:39
Not sure Tek. Eventually, my girl and her sister will want to hit up the malls down there for some bargain hunting. I'll let you know if I'm in your area.
2008-09-03 15:22:09
Werd The new Outlet Mall is pretty nice, though I still haven't been to it. might hit it up this weekend for the hell of it.
2008-09-03 20:14:27
Disregard current ongoing issue.

I wasn't paying enough attention, and was just blowing out spark (by throwing 30PSI at the motor!!!!)

Needless to say, I'm guessing that the motor is built enough to handle a mere 14psi of boost, daily.

The vacuum line was incorrectly placed on the wastegate, preventing it from opening. Now that it is connected properly, I see around 14~15psi on the boost gauge. Apparently, I ordered a .9bar spring, and not a 9# spring.

Also did some quick ignition tuning to the map, and it woke the car up something fierce. I don't recall if I retarded or advanced the timing, I need to look at the map again. I did richen up a bit under WOT in boost, so I'm thinking I retarded the timing a smidgen.
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