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Thread: DET swap help!!

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2008-07-27 07:38:25
DET swap help!!
This is on a 1998 200SX SE-R.

So I tried to swap my DE TPS sensor onto my Avenir W10... but it doesn't fit. So I looked at trying to swap the throttle bodies. That don't fit either. I don't know what to do. I was wondering if there is any other year SR20DE I could get a TPS sensor off of that would fit the Avenir's throttlebody and plug into my harness. I don't know if it will be a problem to go to a 1 plug TPS sensor because my 98 TPS has 2 plugs. What's that second plug for anyway??

I've been searching for hours now. Seriously over 40 pages worth. And can not find ANYTHING in regards to this problem. Maybe nobody swaps stuff into 98's, I dunno, but it's making me pull my hair out.
2008-07-27 07:57:56
I just chopped mine up to make it fit. It has a raised ring that gets in the way. If you trim it in the right spots, you can make it fit properly. I also had to bend the little arm on the throttle body (that the sensor latches on to) a little bit.
2008-07-27 08:10:21
So you just trimmed off a bit of the plastic on the sensor so it could slide in? Then just bend the arm up (outwards)?
2008-07-27 23:11:46
Something like that. You need to cut it in a way that still allows you to rotate it for adjustment:

2008-07-28 03:26:13
Okay, cool. I'll give that a try.

Thanks for the picture.
2008-07-29 00:48:17
One other thing I should probably mention, be ready to spend some quality time with the volt meter to get it in spec. I assume because it doesn't move in a "fixed" rotation, it took 1000 tries to get the adjustment right, but I eventually did.
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