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Thread: need help w/ oil return line

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2008-07-27 00:48:38
need help w/ oil return line
Started moc-up on the mani and turbo and I ran into a dilema w/ the oil return line to the tap on the block. It seems that they are to close together to get the hose on; has anyone elso ran into this problem and what did you do to solve it. Im running RWD T25 w/ BB Mani.
2008-07-27 01:36:36
Do they line up? If so you could get away with putting the turbo and the hose on at the same time.

you could also take the turbo off and rotate the center section.

you also might be able to find some play in how the manifold mounts up. Try sliding it up down or what ever while a bit loose
2008-08-06 03:55:44
I've did this and I just took the dang thing off. Left the lines attached and slid the hose on while I lowered the assembly onto the manifold studs. Use some lube and have the clamps on lightly.
2008-08-10 03:45:15
Mine just slid out of the tube after I loosened the clamps.
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