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Thread: Boosting my SR20DE (NA)

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2022-01-27 21:03:53
Boosting my SR20DE (NA)
What's up everyone, I'm thinking of boosting my SR20DE (NA) that sits in my 1992 (PS13) Silvia Q. My main concern is are NA blocks the same as turbo blocks? I am aware of the oil and coolant holes that have to be drilled and tapped. Is this the only difference? I'm taking the block to a machine shop to drill/tap the holes and rebore to 86.5mm and I'm going to be installing aftermarket 86.5mm pistons, rods, bearings, all that. Internals will be completely swapped out and bottom end will be fully rebuilt. I plan on using the same heads, not sure if that will work ok. Any advice or info would be great, thanks! I also have the option to buy a bare block from a red top but if I can do it this way I'd rather save a couple hundred bucks.

Parts list so far:

P2M front cover oil pump assembly

Z32 air intake filter kit


Greddy oil pan kit

CP Carrillo forged pistons and rings

Eagle Spec H-beam rods

Clevite main and rod bearings with thrust washers

Tomei metal head gasket

Arp head studs

Valve cover gasket

Garrett GT2871R-RS turbo

ISR bottom mount turbo manifold

ISR turbo lines

Clocking adapter and wastegate rod extension

GT fitting and drain kit

Oil restrictor for Garrett ball bearing turbos

ISR 7 layer exhaust manifold gasket

ISR 4 bolt turbine inlet gasket

ISR front mount intercooler kit

Koyo radiator

Greddy type FV BOV

GKTECH rocker arm stoppers

P2M thermal intake manifold gasket

ISR downpipe

ISR 3 inch blast pipe exhaust

255 walboro fuel pump kit, includes Z32 filter

ISR water pump kit (radiator hoses and thermostat included)
2022-01-28 14:41:53
There are narrow-block DETs and wide-block DETs. The N/A blocks are all wide-block? It's a difference in the oil pan mounting surface.
DET blocks have secondary piston oil squirters that the N/A blocks don't have.
Doesn't matter... Your N/A engine is going to be perfectly fine to boost.
The turbo oil drain is the only thing I would modify the block for.
I would feed the turbo oil from the oil pressure sensor location with a "T" fitting.
I would send water to the turbo from the lines meant for the throttle body warmer (delete the throttle body warmer).

That's my take anyway, and how I did mine. Sourcing the proper turbo oil/water lines can be annoying, so that's why I say don't bother. But if you have them already and send everything along to the machinist I guess it could all work out fine the way you've said.
2022-01-28 14:43:19
Ditch the rocker arm stoppers. The consensus is that it is better to throw a rocker arm than bend a valve.
Last edited by BenFenner on 2022-01-28 at 14-57-55.
2022-01-28 23:48:20
Thanks for that! Good info
2022-02-02 16:09:09
What brands are P2M and ISR?
2022-02-02 17:19:35
ISR is the brand that used to be called ISIS, lmao

ISIS Performance NA, LLC to Rebrand to ISR Performance Parts, LLC
2022-02-04 11:10:34
I am guessing that this is P2M? I never heard of these groups before.

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