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Thread: ecu question

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2021-12-16 22:53:45
ecu question
I'm building a stock setup det for my b14. I already have a W10 with turbo and injectors and whatnot. I need to source an ecu and maf and I can build the rest of the stuff myself (charge piping, exhaust, etc.) I'll put in the walbro and bypass valve etc during the process. I am only looking to build a stock setup style car for around 200 to 250 and leave the car alone after that power wise.

The question I have is that my b14 is obviously obd2 and it seems the only ecu's I can find are obd1 (mostly s-chassis ones). The motor is also obd1, but I was going to swap my obd2 parts over like I've done before. But with the w10 motor being obd1 (originally) and the ecu being obd1, am I better off trying to locate a obd1 harness and swapping the car over to obd1 basically, or are there other problems that will cause?

I just need a little clarity on what all I need to source. (i've built turbo cars in the past, so I know what I'm doing on the physical parts and stuff, just confused a little on the electronics side. lol)

I've also found a W11 ecu (obd2?), but aren't all the aveniers auto? or does that even matter? The seller can't tell me any info on the ecu and the numbers on it don't pull anything up on search

In either case, I'm swapping out my wire harness when I pull the de motor to put in the det.

Thanks in advance
2022-03-18 20:39:52
can someone please point me in the right direction? Can I use an ecu for an s14? as long as it's det and setup for the same inj and maf, I think it should work, but I don't know if there is some other issue. ecu and tuning stuff are not my strong suit at all, which is why I just want to build a "stock" det and leave it alone. thanks in advance for any input
2022-03-21 22:11:25
if it were me, id call up wiring specialties and have them make mp an adapter so you dont have to swap the entire harness and run the obd1 ecu.

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