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Thread: El Neyken 2.0

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2019-03-23 11:38:01
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Well, this forum really is done it seems.

Yeah, with no thieves or their apologists that is just the end of life as we know it.

If everyone just looked the other way on scumbags, liars and trash, and Jamie Marsh blessed us with his divine inspirational presence, maybe the forum could be saved.

What will we ever do?

2019-03-23 13:52:32
There are plenty of other places to get scammed if that's your bag. This community never has been, and never will be one of those places. Nor will we apologize for that.
2019-03-24 18:34:49
I just can't see what's hard to understand. From an outsiders pov, the way I see it, this deal was dealt by Marks Tuning, atleast 98% of the communication. Take the name out of it for now. Mark let another guy do the work, and he did a bad job. So, banning and name calling for Marks Tuning and Morphius, fine.

Yes, it's not under Marks name, but as we have seen from our president and many political figures, just because you are the head, and everybody else under you goes down, it aint your fault.

Seems simple enough to me. Ban Marks Tuning and Morphius. Marsh messed up, as I believe he said, but not sure why a ban or name calling is warranted. Just my .02.

But facebook steals and sells everything you have, the dash dont work, so only the old forum works, on tapatalk too.
2019-03-24 18:42:24
Maybe you'd like to lodge a formal complaint about the two forum members who've been banned from the classifieds? You're welcome to do so in the appropriate thread: SR20-Forum Blacklist & Beware List Discussion Thread

You won't find any name calling from the forum staff there.

2019-03-24 20:06:23
Formal complaint against who? Confused.
2019-03-24 22:47:21
Read the damn post I linked you to.

Originally Posted by Crim
You can also petition members to be removed from those lists here.
Last edited by BenFenner on 2019-03-24 at 22-58-24.
2019-03-25 07:19:30
Definitely not looking to fight on a ban reversal or anything. I'm just saying, the man comes in here to start a thread and share his work and knowledge on the sr20 platform and can't even do that. I would like to see and hear more information, advancements, etc on this forum.

The Puerto Ricans were somehow run off of here and killed off innovative posts, just let the ShawnB thread keep going and leave that there.

This thread should be cleaned up and give a great start to 2019 and what's to come.
2019-03-25 08:13:25
I respectfully disagree.

Jamie has never shared any detailed, useful knowledge. He's a hype machine who posts bling from behind a curtain, that's it. We need him like a hole in the head.
Even if he did post anything useful, it is tainted with the abuse of our comrades. That is not something we want around here.

His transgressions should follow him everywhere, especially around this forum. I mean, they treat folks who don't deliver Secret Santa gifts on the BMW forum worse than I'm treating Jamie Marsh, the scam artist.
Last edited by BenFenner on 2019-03-25 at 13-39-11.
2019-03-25 09:01:52
Ugh, not a good look from a moderator. Good luck
2019-03-25 13:39:48
Did you miss the part where I was voted into this job by the community?
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