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Thread: Turbo B13 Overheating With A/C

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2008-07-12 10:34:57
Turbo B13 Overheating With A/C
if anybody can help my b13 is over heating when the a/c is on... its boosted. it has dual slim fans to cool it. new radiator and thermostat.. the temp outside was 115 degrees. when i was out cruisn the temp. started creeping up from normall so i shut the a/c off and temp went back to about 195-210 degrees. when it got hot temp went alittle over 220 degrees. it ony gets too hot with the a/c on..and never had this problem when it was N/A..anyone has had this issue? what can be causing this.. too much underhood temp?

2008-07-12 16:59:49
Do you have a front mount? There isn't anything wrong with the car it just doesn't have enough cooling capacity with three different systems taking up air flow all from the same place

You might try just water and then if that doesn't work add some water wetter if you haven't already. Then maybe a larger/or triple pass radiator
2008-07-13 02:20:21
yea it has a front mount.. i think im gonna get a bigger rad.. i have about 10% antifreeze and the rest water and water wetter... it has a 1 core 5/8 thick radiator.. i think thats my problem.. i guess ill be getting a koyo... thanks man i appreciate it..
2008-07-24 06:55:19
Turn on your ac and check to see if your fans are on. If not, the relay in the box in the engine bay is out. Happened to me as well. Fans MUST be on when the ac is on.

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