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Thread: Troubleshooting: BOV recirculation/atmospheric

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2008-07-10 02:10:50
Troubleshooting: BOV recirculation/atmospheric
ok, my initial turbo set-up was recirculating back to the intake tube....but I got bored and I wanted to change that set-up and have my BOV blow off into the atmoshpere...

here's what I did...
1) i unplugged the MAF and moved it from it's original spot
2) i placed the MAF in between the TB and the BOV and reconnected the MAF
3) i reconnected my IC piping(because i had took off me front bumper for other reasons)
4) i put some piping before the turbo and put on my air filter on that

i started up the P10 and it ran for about 3 seconds and it shut off, everytime i turn it on it shut off, I will give it gas, it revs up and then shut off, basically dies

keep in mind that the MAF was before the turbo when I was recirculating and now that i am trying to run atmospheric its after the turbo between the TB and BOV

any suggestions and/or help (not including going back to recirculation), I want to get this to work

basically i was draw thru and now i wanna run a blow thru set-up
2008-07-10 05:57:56
Chnage idle air to draw from after the maf.
2008-07-10 06:58:57
make sure the maf is 8-12 inches away from the tb, it'll cause turbulence on the maf and mess it up. and iacv i believe needs to be in between the maf and tb.
2008-07-10 08:21:45
I vent to the atmosphere on draw thru without any issues. Since you want to vent to the atmosphere on blow through setup, then you want the maf 8-12" away from the TB. Quite a few people suggest you relocate the BOV to the hotside piping. You release the hot air to the atmosphere, it is also closer to the compressor. Have you tried venting to the atmosphere on draw thru?
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