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Thread: boost issues?

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2016-07-19 02:16:59
boost issues?
so I just put about a 150 miles on my gtir t28 sr20de+t build and Im not sure if I have a problem or not. It definitely builds boost but my gauge readings are odd, it fluctuates wildly from like 0-7 psi but i dont seem to be losing power, I have done a boost leak test and found the factory recirculation valve leaking slightly which I know needs to be addressed but other than that Ive found nothing wrong, Im leaning towards a gauge issue but it works fine when doing a boost leak check. Does the mechanical gauge react slightly different when the pressure from the turbo is pressurizing the intake as opposed to an air compressor? would the fact that Im not using a boost controller cause the boost not to build smoothly? the only turbo cars I have ever driven were either factory or didnt have a boost gauge to look at. I did already order a boost controller to install but not confident it will change anything. i have no idea how much boost im actually making at any given times so any advice would be appreciated.
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2016-07-19 21:54:39
Beuller.....not even a flame response?
2016-09-18 01:57:52
not that anyone cares but I figured it out and one portion may help other people out, it was actually a compound problem. bad gauge, and leaky recirc valve, also the bleed hole for my turbosmart boost controller wasnt drilled out all the way and it wasnt bleeding off near enough pressure so even cranked all the way up it would only get to 10lbs. now able to push 14 psi when needed.
2016-09-18 15:28:25
Sorry, just saw this thread. Glad you were able to figure it out.
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2016-09-19 03:41:39
yeah the first issue was a boost leak and a bad gauge but then I couldnt figure out why I could only get 10psi, brand new turbosmart boost controller and the bleed hole on the wastegate side wasnt drilled out all the way, 2 seconds with a tiny drill bit and I was in business, not sure I got a legit one though since it was off ebay but it works now. Figured someone may have had the same issue, I didnt even think to check that since it was brand new.
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