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Thread: thread and pitch of bolts

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2008-07-07 02:25:08
thread and pitch of bolts
what would the thread and pitch and size be of the bolts thats connect the j-pipe to the down pipe???? does anybody know where to buy a new set?? mine are nasty and dont hold anymore..
2008-07-07 02:29:57

Bookmark that site. Really comes in handy.
2008-07-07 02:41:31
cool thanks
2008-07-07 02:55:22
found it 2 inches and one side will be 1.25 pitch and the other 1.5 pitch and it's 10mm
2008-07-07 03:32:10
well i have measurements but cannot find jack **** has anyone replaced their exhaust studs lately??? the studs that hold the j pipe to the downpipe three bolt...
where has everyone else got their studs from????
2008-07-07 19:16:52
The bolts that hold the j-pipe to the down pipe, (3 bolt flange) are m10x1.25 iirc.
2008-07-07 19:17:57
But you could always just drill out both sides and use a bolt and a nut. If is as bad as I am thinking that may be a better idea
2008-07-08 00:45:16
I had a hard time finding the studs with 1.5 pitch on one end and 1.25 on the other end (in town at least, I'd say Greg V could get them). I ended up getting some studs that were 10x1.5 on both ends and used some 10x1.5 nuts.

The nuts are also tricky. Most 10x1.25 or 10x1.5 nuts are going to be like 17mm outer diameter. Try fitting that and a 17mm socket against a 3" downpipe. The OEM ones are very thin walled, 14mm outer diameter, so the wall of the nut is only 2mm thick. I couldn't find any, so I made my own by finding some other size that had a 14mm outer diameter, then drilling and tapping them for the size I needed. Custom nuts FTW.
2008-07-08 20:57:48
i am gonna try the 1.5 pitch thread on both side and i will see how thats go's i may have to do the same thing swiss had to do...
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