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Thread: Air to Water Intercooler Temps

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2016-01-30 23:17:52
Air to Water Intercooler Temps
Just wondering if someone actually hooked up a water temp gauge to monitor this or is it not worth it (depending on back ground)?? Just curious
2016-01-31 04:57:48
I haven't had the opportunity to check it myself, but I'd bet money that a properly sized air2water system will out perform an air2air

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2016-01-31 05:38:13
Yeah I figured that. I have @coach old set up from mid 2000's. I've always been curious as to heat soak,etc. for example: how does it do when weathers hot outside? long drives (100+ miles) etc., track? One day I'll get around to installing this unit I original planned back in the day to run it inside the car to help with some of the outside head areas plus trying to keep the hoses with the least amount of bends.
2016-03-15 20:26:37
You can install temp probe before and after the IC to watch effectiveness. Track days, put a bag of ice in the reservoir. Long trips, not an issue because there is still air flowing over the exchanger. I daily drove with water to air over an hour one way for a couple years no problem.

2016-03-15 20:28:05
Prosport IAT/Intake Air Temperature Digital Gauge
2016-04-02 23:56:53
@coach do you know if this would happen to work on radiator water temps? I doubt it due to the sensors been different. Do you know of a company online that selfs a water temp dual gauge set up?
2016-04-06 20:32:46
Water temp dual unit not sure of. I think companies like Autometer, ProSport and so on have some digital gauges with dual input, you could probably have dual water temp inputs.

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