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Thread: Radiators: Mishimoto vs Koyo Review Questions & Questions?

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2016-01-14 19:38:18
Thanks for the Feedback& honest opinion @AutotechMotoring. I was considering going Mishimoto but just couldn't really justify it really in the end and went with the koyo
2016-01-19 21:43:36
Koyo Is the better radiator cooling wise. But after having TWO Close to $400 koyos with Pinholes that I could do nothing about Im going with the Mishi every time. Being able to get something replaced for free is better then buying it all over again IMO.
2016-01-19 23:31:23
Well right now I order from an authorized dealer FRSport.com - Aftermarket Performance Parts ? FRSport.com Everything on there website matched to r1977 yet I was sent the 32mm version. So Now I'm dealing with that issues. Can you explain a little more detail on those pin holes? Mishimoto seemed good but I still have my doubt on the refunding thing. To be honest the thing that bother me on there design was where the upper radiator hose almost touches the hose vs the koyo from all the pictures I've seen. It might have been just the angle of the pictures when taken but that little bump in the koyo I think is there for the clearance issue.
2016-01-27 01:12:12
Well guys...look like the next step has happen. Guess Koyo discounted them and they had sent me the WRONG radiator. IT was neither r1440 or r1977 models. This knew model had a Part number V020311 (32mm). I'm not paying 285 for this size. So I will be exchanging and hope I get a FULL refund do to website error with their dist. koyo.

Now to try to find old stock to get that 52mm. Can't believe no one else makes em this big any more other then Mishi which s a TAD smaller. I'm almost thinking going Mishi but I don't know. Anyone selling the r1977 stock still for sure????? @AutotechMotoring @2_Liter_Turbo ??
2016-01-27 04:24:02
Damn, that really sucks man! Did you try Amazon? Amazon stocks their car parts, so maybe they have one.
2016-01-27 13:55:47
I've seen on amaze the same possible issues. one page says 1977 but then when you might click it'll show same details that makes it seem this new UPDATED verson of the v series (its same if I'm not mistaken just not as THICK as the older one). I believe inlets are the same, just smaller core size. and it's not the Hyper series were I might been willing to try that out. lol I'll keep looking around. Until I get the actually money resolved with FRSPORT, depending on if they gonna charge me for a restock fee (which I shouldn't have to since it's there webpages error)

Side not...Has anyone been to Koyo recently? I know they in Cali now. Just trying to see what there reasoning was behind getting rid the older one? or any info they may have learn when visiting them at the Cali location (Irvine)?
2016-01-27 17:48:35
http://www.sr20-forum.com/general-sr20/79132-koyo-review-newer-v-series-vs-older-r-series-racer-street-input-please.html#post1036663 Here's another SUBJECT on more of the details on the koyo that I'm trying to research before giving in and going Mishimoto brand or maybe I'll even try to fab up a Griffen. I'm really trying for stock type fitment and best performance for NA or turbo setups (not drag aka half radiators)
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