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Thread: NX with sr20de-t t28 setting it up?

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2015-05-03 04:04:36
NX with sr20de-t t28 setting it up?
I have a 93 NX2000 that is on the fourm. It has a rwd t28 setup on it thats driving me crazy!! I want to set the car up right on a fwd manifold with the t28 internally gated on 14psi (what the car is tuned for)
I will post the modification list to the motor and car below.
8.5:1 CR Pistons
Plusar GTi-R exhaust cam (nismo)
3" exhaust turbo back with large resonator and magnaflow muffler
444cc inj ( @ 4bar )
Ported and polished head

01 g20t

Chipped ecu with tuner pro rt

Its just this rwd manifold and the piping routing on the car is just shitty.

Any tips or help is appericated.
I want to get her back on the road.

Heres some pictures

I will post some better pictures tomorrow befor work.
Thank you guys. Always a great help.
2015-05-03 11:50:29
Going to take the pictures now.
Dont judge the car please. Its been to HELL and BACK the last 3 years.
2015-05-03 12:15:23
NX with sr20de-t t28 setting it up?

Wastegate dont have a bracket. Idk where to even bolt one up to.

2015-05-03 13:17:08
This page will have whatever you end up needing to fix the wastegate problem.

Wastegates : atpturbo.com

If you ned up purchasing a new actuator, I would reccomend picking up one rated for under 14psi but not less then 7 and pair it with a boost controller. This will aid spool up times.
2015-05-03 13:19:44
Thats exactly how the car was setup when I got it. With a mbc.
I may end up picking up a new one, but i have 2 stock t28 wastegates and the one pictured there. The one in the picture I know runs 7psi without the mbc.
2015-05-03 13:21:44
In that case just mock it up and find the bracket you need.
2015-05-03 13:27:17
Cool deal, I can do that.
I started the car yesterday without the wastegate on and there was some light smoke coming off the exhaust side of the turbo after it got warm. I cut it off after abt 3 mins cause it didnt stop. Gave the car a little rev from outside the car it got a little worse but i think its just some oil burning off i did spill some oil and antifreeze. Got oil where the line goes, cause I checked my line yesterday to see if the oil was coming out of it it is. And when i put it on some oil ran out of it on to the turbo.
2015-05-03 13:31:48
Also would you know why there would be liquid coming out of the bov?
The car did blow some turbo oil seals and bend a shaft on my old t28. Its an external t28 though. I just got this internal t28. Getting the external rebuilt but wont be till end of july.
2015-05-03 13:45:14
You have been doing the wrong shit for years man.. shoulda listend to me years ago..

Sorry but I have nothin more to give that I haven't said already in the past.
2015-05-03 13:47:10
Im ready to do the shit right Lynch. I was young and dumb 2 years ago. Ive wised up now and want to set the car up RIGHT.
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