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Thread: Idle air supply boost or not?

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2015-04-27 20:31:44
Idle air supply boost or not?
I just had the craziest realization, will this cause a slight charge air leak?

I'm talking about the idle air supply. I currently have it hooked up to the turbo inlet. Should it instead be hooked up to a charge pipe? Car still pulls strong, but how do you guys have it connected?
2015-04-27 20:38:37
I believe it needs to be plumbed into the charge piping. I'm just going through some vac stuff too and from vadims vacuum diagram thread it's discussed that that needs to be in the charghe piping. Dave
2015-04-27 20:44:27
Then I need to correct this ASAP! The reason it runs is probably because I run MAP sensor instead of MAF... I feel ashamed of myself, have nearly run it like this for a year
2015-04-28 15:18:04
I have my auto car hooked to the charge pipe right before the throttle body. If you don't have a MAF I don't see why there would be a big problem the way you have it. Unless your IAC kicks open under load for some reason...
2015-04-28 15:37:39
Proper placment would be on the cold piping near the TB. Mine is next to my IAT sensor.
2015-04-28 18:04:36
You only need it hooked up to the charge side if you are running a MAF. Since the idle air has to be accounted for with a MAF, it is negligible when running speed density as Y2K stated above.
2015-04-28 18:22:27
According to NEMU, the minimum duty for this valve is 10%

So it will be open slightly during boost... Also, the idle air screw is slightly open, so many small rivers form a large pond...

I will rectify this next weekend and post here if the car starts to behave differently.
2015-04-29 00:52:01
You can have the valve open to 1% at idle.

it helped my car during some high idle times.
2015-04-29 16:10:28
I know for example on the Megasqurit ECU's I build I have them close 100% off of Close Loop idle so in my case it would not matter.. It really comes down to your tuning solution in what it supports.. I think you should be able to set a minimum 0 percent and it should be fine.. Providing you have no side effects. looks like you have. little options for IAC on yours.. MS has like 25 different configurations for IAC for about every variable posable... Also make sure when the car is off the manual screw is set to have no bypass as well.. This is all assuming you don't want to hook it up to the charge pipe
2015-04-29 16:32:31
I dont know if the idle valve is active during driving... but if it is , it is a boost leak.
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